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13 years old? Symptomatic treatment of skin problems is easier to keep young

by:Zanyu     2021-07-07

   The sad news in the hearts of pregnant women who were pregnant when they were 13 years old. So in the face of this situation, how should pregnant women take care of their skin? For the endless skin problems during pregnancy, the skin care specialist recommends that pregnant mothers analyze skin symptoms ingeniously and implement symptomatic care methods according to the skin condition.


  1. Skin looseness


   As the skin grows younger, the skin gradually loses its elasticity. When the eyelids, cheeks and necks become loose and When a typical hound face is drooping, it can be judged as a symptom of sagging skin.


   Collagen is called the bone in the bone. The skin in the skin is the main component that maintains the elasticity of the skin and muscles. The loose skin is mainly caused by insufficient nutrients and loss of collagen. For the skin to be firm and elastic, expectant mothers must pay attention to the supplement of skin collagen. Daily diet can increase fish skin, trotters, chicken wings and other foods rich in collagen.


   Vitamin C is a water-soluble substance that can rebuild the junction between the dermis and the epidermis, promote collagen fiber production, and reduce collagen loss. In addition, it also has a strong ability to scavenge free radicals, which can effectively delay skin aging. Vitamin C is rich in fruits and vegetables. Carrots, tomatoes and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C.


  Second, the skin is dry and tight


   When the skin appears dry and tight, or the facial skin appears large oil fields in winter , Can be judged as a signal of skin dehydration. Dehydration of the skin can cause a series of skin problems, such as peeling, itching, acne and spots.


   Facing dry and tight skin, the first thing you need to do is to moisturize. Mothers-to-be must make sure that there are enough inner defects every day. In addition, mothers-to-be can also use special skin care products for pregnant women for hydrating repair, such as soy milk series of pregnant women skin care products, which are rich in soy isoflavones, hydrolyzed soy protein, soy lecithin and natural yeast And other skin beautifying ingredients, deep moisturizing protection, effectively filling the skin with moisture and nutrition, and maintaining skin health for a long time


   In addition, too fast water loss can also cause skin dehydration. The skin care specialist during pregnancy reminds pregnant mothers that after replenishing moisture, remember to lock in moisture, such as after using lotion, essence, or mask, apply lotion or moisturizing cream to lock in moisture, and moisture will be lost.


  3. Long spots and acne


   Affected by progesterone, the resistance of pregnant muscles is low, long-term ultraviolet radiation, light irradiation , Computer radiation and many other reasons can cause dry skin, making the skin more and more dull, damaged skin, adhere to the dust in the air, and then form acne after dirt, which seriously affects the image of pregnant mothers.


   The external damage to the skin will often make itself aging more serious. In response to this situation, the skin care specialist during pregnancy reminds pregnant mothers to do skin protection and isolation work, such as after using lotion , Apply an average price of soy milk isolation cream to create a healthy protective film for the skin to effectively isolate external influences and inhibit the breeding of spots and acne Then apply Renewing BB Cream to quickly conceal and repair.


   25 years old is the dividing line of women's skin age. After 25 years old, skin vitality decreases and aging is obvious. Therefore, many people say that beauty before the age of 25 is a godsend. If you want to be beautiful after 25, you must rely on your own efforts to maintain it.



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