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3 without the OEM mask what's the harm?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-22

what is 3 without the mask? 3 without the mask is refers to the lack of Chinese QiYeMing, Chinese producer, telephone number, license, product labeling, date of production, Chinese product manuals and other information of face film products. Around if you lack in one of them, can be referred to as '3 without' product why 3 without the mask acting processing OEM manufacturer effects at the beginning when the actual effect is very good?

1。 Hydrating wonders? Melon can also do it.

2。 With skin YA piece: glucocorticoid. Glucocorticoid become exposed out of the 'harm', it is a kind of powerful anti-infection, itching and tucked the capillaries of clinical medicine. Actually some cure skin disease drugs it all key ingredients, dosage of facial mask in the ambassador with this kind of pay, white is white, face a short time wetting is, all the sensitive problems seem to get treatment, but the skin has got the 'addiction'.

3 without the mask OEM processing agent what's the harm?

people wanting a requirement for beautiful, promote them to choose and apply the mask to change the face of the beauty is generous, but did not expect is used, the '3 without' product, this mask is usually poison mask with microbial strains or heavy metal exceeds bid. Poison mask the manifestation of a harm to human body at the skin level, such as skin allergy, feeling and pure, acne, heavy metal poisoning ( Lead, arsenic) And so on. Is big to the harm of psychological state on, the image project not ready, not only money, psychological status and bear the huge, very easy to cause mental illness. Facial ministry skin thinning, red, capillary show, or applications received the mask on illness. The expert reminds, should immediately stop using the mask, and stressed that 'finding endocrine disorders between aftercare way, than according to the comprehensive diversified food collocation, proper exercise, the vigor to improve more really.

regardless of health of body and mind harmonious couple are beneficial to endocrine disorders or skin. 'China skincare market is very disorder, especially in all kinds of counterfeit and shoddy products, products are the famous brand mask and the land is full of fake products, so when you choose the mask OEM skin care products, OEM skin care products, such as on stores or online mall system needs to choose and buy, also pay attention to the query when the choose and buy some information on the package is ready, and drug administration for archival filing on the url search whether have security for the record.

today many people love to stick a face film, but many people don't know how to distinguish whether safety mask, quality is assured. Mask the good and bad are intermingled of market of sales in China, a large portion of the mask is all some black workshop production and processing of '3 without the mask'. This mask serious threat to the safety of the user, in our country about the some female apply the '3 without the mask' cause destroyed glorious news reports in the news media are common.

skincare market profit is very high, many people want to go to the daily chemical industry, the general method is to find OEM OEM cosmetics manufacturer cooperation, create a belongs to own the famous brand.

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