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4 Tips of skin care before bedtime, away from dull yellow skin

4 Tips of skin care before bedtime, away from dull yellow skin


Tip One: Clean the skin

If you have makeup, you must remove makeup. It is forbidden to bring makeup overnight. This will cause pores to clog and thick. After a long time, it will be melanin. So clean your skin before going to bed, make your pores clean, remove makeup and remove dirt, make your skin more hydrated. It’s recommended to use the Magic Pad, which cleanse face, remove makeup and refine skin all at once with water only.


Tip 2: Use a cotton pad with toner

Pour the toner on the cotton pad for secondary cleaning, so that no excess will be applied to the face, which will help the skin absorb and give the skin a clean and refreshing feeling. After the cotton pad is finished, gently pat the skin with both hands to promote its absorption.


Tip 3: moisturizing

In winter, the skin is dry, which will cause great damage to the skin cells, hinder the function of detoxification, and make your skin dull and yellow, so be sure to pay attention to moisturizing products before going to bed, because the movement of cells at night is more active than during the day. More easily absorbed.


Tip 4: Massage the face

The correct skin care program: cleansing → toner → lotion → essence → face cream, in order to make the skin moisturize and lock the water, after applying the cream, put your warm hands on your face and do the massage, this will promote the full absorption of the cream and keep the white skin moisturized.

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