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5 Tips to Fight Adult Acne, Help You Reap Perfect Skin

by:Zanyu     2021-05-27
Do you find it strange that you are in your twenties, so why are you still getting pimples? NONONO, this is not what we call acne, but adult acne. In fact, many people can't distinguish the difference between acne and adult acne, so let's popularize the knowledge about acne, so that everyone can prevent adult acne more effectively and be a acne warrior. Acne is a very strange thing. In puberty, our acne grows everywhere on our face. When we are adults, it is hidden and grows exclusively on the lower part of the face, such as the mouth and the jaw contour. nearby. This depends on the slowing down of metabolism, the old waste in the pores will accumulate, hinder the discharge of oil, and form acne; it may also be caused by reasons such as improper diet, maintenance, regular life, and excessive stress. In particular, computer people work at the computer during the day and watch TV at the computer at night. The computer makes the world smaller, but it makes more acne, making it easier for adults to develop acne. I will sort out Tips for preventing adult acne and help you achieve perfect skin. Tips1: Diet talk. Although high-calorie, irritating foods will not directly cause acne, it will worsen the acne that has formed. Insufficient intake of dietary fiber makes it difficult to discharge toxins from the body and is also bad for acne. The usual diet should be mainly talkative, eat more fruits, and avoid greasy and spicy foods. Tips2: Correctly maintain and wash your face, excessive oil control, which leads to imbalance of oil secretion. The key to maintenance should be to adjust the skin’s water and oil balance. When washing your face at night, you can use make-up remover lotion first, and after applying the entire face, use a moisturizing facial cleanser to cleanse the face. Finally, apply moisturizing and hydrating skin care products. Tips3: Maintain a regular life pattern. Staying up late and emotional anxiety will cause hormonal imbalance in the body, which is a sharp increase in oil secretion, and acne is more likely to form. Adults should also maintain seven hours of sleep a day, and it is best not to miss the prime time of sleep from 11 to 2 in the evening. Exercise, bathing, and aromatherapy all have a good effect on relieving stress. Tips4: Do not use alcohol-containing OEM skin care products for MM who have adult acne. When buying OEM skin care products, pay attention to skin care products that do not contain alcohol. Especially alcohol-containing lotions, although they can remove facial oiliness, they can cause premature keratinization of the skin. If you use it too much, your skin will appear rough and dull. Tips5: Ask a professional doctor for consultation. If washing your face, or skin care products or even topical ointments do not work on acne, the main reason is that the root of the problem is inside the body rather than the surface of the skin. At this time, we should consult a professional doctor. If the problem is serious, Guangzhou OEM cosmetics factory reminds you to consider taking special examinations to detect hormone levels, and doctors can provide more targeted treatment plans based on the results. Let's not squeeze acne, otherwise it is easy to leave scars. In fact, whether it is adult acne or acne, we all need to take care and maintenance. Let me share with you the following acne care: 1. products should be mainly clean and should not be too moisturizing and moisturizing OEM skin care products will increase the burden on the skin. The amount of oil secretion is very sufficient, and maintenance should be based on cleaning. You can use a cleanser for acne-prone skin. Washing the face must be clean and not excessive, otherwise it will cause the illusion of dryness on the skin, but it will secrete more oil. 2, acne, blackheads should be cleaned up.   Acne and blackheads block the pores, which can easily form acne, so it should be cleaned up. You can use a tear-off mask that specifically deals with acne and blackheads, or you can make a self-made mask to get rid of acne and blackheads; if your face is already formed, you should avoid using a mask. 3. A balanced diet, not picky eaters, and moderate exercise. The body is growing during puberty. To get adequate and balanced nutrition, the secretion of hormones in the body will become normal, and acne will not appear casually. The most fundamental thing in puberty is to have a healthy body. As long as the body is good, skin problems will be far away from puberty.  Whether it is a teenage girl or a mature woman in her twenties or above, we all need to take good care of our skin and keep the acne away from our lives.
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