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A few questions about pregnancy to protect its solution

by:Zanyu     2020-10-30
Pregnancy for women, is a very special time, as a result of mothers-to-be metabolism speeds up, plus special pregnancy reaction, skin condition is easy at this time will become very bad, such as the roughness of the skin, oil or dry, pigmentation and belly lines, etc. Pregnant women should be how to protect skin? Really a little cosmetics can use? Pregnant women during pregnancy skin how should maintain? How can I not long spot during pregnancy? This is a lot of expectant mothers are concerned about the problem. Below, follow the small make up to light one by one. Q: pregnant women can't use OEM cosmetics? A: specialist advice, whether you are in pregnancy or lactation, should be far away from the adult cosmetics. Although these cosmetics there is absolutely no harm to the human body, but for special groups such as mother pregnant or breastfeeding mothers harm is great. If use during pregnancy adult cosmetics, cosmetic chemicals can seep through the skin into the bloodstream, which harm the fetus, easy to cause miscarriage or oaf. Pregnant women and its special cosmetics pregnant mother can use during pregnancy. Q: pregnancy facial oil easily, how should solve? A: pregnant women face during pregnancy should multi-purpose water washs A face at the time of the oil, pure and fresh and natural no harm. During pregnancy, mothers should pay special attention to diet, avoid spicy greasy food, to give priority to with light and nutritious diet. Only eat of, skin can grow well. Q: during pregnancy can be used to protect skin to taste? A: pregnant women can use pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste. During pregnancy, basic skin care is not small, don't wait for skin problems happened to regret. Pregnancy can be used to protect skin to taste, but also has exquisite. Pregnant women can use pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, is a good choice, makeup skincare products to maintenance then edible of pregnant women. Q: what pregnancy can eat some to beauty? A: during pregnancy, should be given priority to with delicate food, eat less sugar and salted food. Suggestions can eat apple, tomato, cucumber, kiwi fruit and other foods rich in vitamins and fruit acid, is very helpful to keep skin smooth and elastic
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