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A survey of the cosmetics OEM market environment

by:Zanyu     2020-11-29

according to CMC publishing data information, 2015 cosmetics authorized production market capacity to 240. 3 billion yen ( Higher than that of 2014 5. 5%) , forecasts for 2020 will be 286. 1 billion yen.

with the production and marketing of cosmetics maker, phase separation, authorize outsourcing way more and more widely, in other industries also involved in the cosmetics market, under the background of OEM cosmetics OEM sales market stand firm, steady development of the situation. In addition, large and medium-sized drugstore shop increase own brand goods, and ask for an increase in shipments that tourists, also have adverse damage.

towards various category sales market from the production status of the product type, toner, essence of the annual production of skin-care products (such as water Amount of delivery) Improve the development trend and the toner production ( Sales) And maintain stability, to infer the cost price has been rising. In addition, the annual worth of Utah's eyebrows and eyelashes cosmetics is stable, increase production, can inference the significantly lower cost price.

because other industries involved in the cosmetics market, causing manufacturing industry market competition is intense, very easy to turn into a price war, or will be stimulating floor price increase in commodity demand. In the market competition of OEM cosmetics manufacturing company, has the many production, a small amount of multi-type production integrated contracting OEM, sample (s) is employed in a single industry production, production of professional companies, different types.

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