Zanyu skin care manufacturer's mission is to build the first platform for the export OEM skin care brands in China.The main service: OEM skin care,OEM cosmetics,private label skin care products.

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Unique Water Quality

Water Is the most essential part of cosmetic production,and it is also what we values. To obtain water with best quality, we build our factory at Mt.Maofeng , which is one of TOP100 SPRING WATER in China assigned by EPA (ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY)

Complete R & D Equipment

The perfect quality depends on the advanced production equipment. With complete cosmetics R & D equipment and testing instruments, we still actively introduce sophisticated production equipment and technology. Besides, our company focuses on product independent research and development and high specification production to meet the needs of customers and consumers.

Cost-effective Raw Materials

Guangzhou Zanyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Raw material department Group CO., Ltd. This parent company, specializing in R & D,production and sales of surfactants and oleochemicals, provides third-party testing and certification service for food safety, environment, and occupational hygiene. The company has been developing the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Now it has become the leading enterprise in the field of surfactant and oleochemicals. This background makes our raw materials more cost-effective.

Formula Innovation

With continuous innovation and rigorous attitude, Praise Technology Development Research Center cooperates with School of Chemical and Material Engineering of Jiangnan University to set up an R & D and testing team with more than 100 people, aiming at children's skin care research and improvement. The team develops forward-looking product formula with extremely high market value, based on customer demands and market trend. It can also do product formulas R & D and testing, from proofing to production, according to the customer's request.  Up to now, our team has produced about 28 thousand types of products. More than 7 thousand products or categories have been produced and listed, and are sold in various major channels in China.

Product Traceability

Zanyu Cosmetic offers a one of kind computer-driven Quality Control and production system designed to eliminate the human error variable during the manufacturing process. Many companies opt for “off-the-shelf” quality control systems that cannot deliver the level of technical sophistication necessary to deliver the best possible product to the consumer. We invest heavily in manufacturing technology and the professionals responsible for managing that technology. Our in-house staff of expert programmers are constantly updating and creating new product manufacturing programs and processes to assure that you receive the highest quality products on time. Every bottle of the market circulated products can be traced to which day, which period, which group production.

A powerful trial team
A powerful trial team
Baby products need safety and stability. We have a trial team with more than 100 people. The products are continuously improved based on the testing results from the trial team before finally putting into the market, after being examined by the R & D team and the national quality inspection department. This real feedback is a strong guarantee for the product to get the users’ affirmation.
Independent Accounting Model
Independent Accounting Model
We carry out the mode of separate accounting, which accounts the prices of processing products, packaging materials cost, content price, product filling and packaging labor cost separately. Therefore, the consumers can have a clear and accurate understanding of the cost components of our products.
Intimate service
Intimate service
The product regulation department ensures the legality of raw materials, recipes, and packaging labels, completes related products filing and avoids related legal risks.
we routinely work with the leading shipping services, including (DHL),(UPS)and(TNT). We can use your carrier of preference, and can also work through all the large freight forwarders, or client specific freight forwarders.

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