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After pregnancy pregnant women use what kind of skin care products?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-31

maternal women skin care skin care, to keep the golden age of young, maternal and child consubstantiality but this stage, to protect skin to taste the requirement is very strict, common skin care products on the market has been hard to reach the pregnant woman skin care needs, the pregnant women with what to protect skin to taste good?

1, should choose contains no pigment, essence, heavy metals, such as damage to the skin and influence pregnancy and genetic composition. Such as hair dye. According to the relevant specialist research, chemical composition of hair dyes ( Especially bad hair dye) Can directly cause skin cancer, breast cancer, and even can make fetal abnormalities, seriously affect fetal development.

2, use nature to protect skin to taste, extracted from the plant main ingredients of skin care products. This kind of skin care products without stimulation, has no effect on pregnant women and fetus.

3, each person's skin to skin is different, some people is oily, some people is dry, some people is mixed. When selecting a skincare products we can first check your skin nature, buy suits own is good.

4, pregnant women use OEM cosmetics should choose pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste. Testing the raw material of this kind of skin care ingredients with the ordinary skin care products, there is a difference between its detection is more demanding, skin care ingredients is more suitable for pregnant women. And the product is divided into a pregnant woman, and pregnant women and pregnant women dedicated are available, and we in buy protect skin to taste, be sure to select pregnant women dedicated. This product performance will be very high.

5, pregnancy cannot use remove spots, skincare and in the process of the whitening skin care products. This kind of skin care products containing mercury metal. It can on the human body's nervous, digestive tract and urinary system has serious damage. So among pregnant women in pregnancy can't use the eating spot whitening skincare products.

6, the use of pregnant women during pregnancy to protect skin to taste. This type of skin care products in the usual skin care little effect to the body but cannot be used during pregnancy. Pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste the same sort of skincare ingredients are not the same. It does not contain alcohol, hormone, mineral oil, and chemical spices. This kind of skin care products is the comparison of pregnant women preferred to protect skin to taste!

what is the distinguishing feature of pregnant women to protect skin to taste?

1, the skin care products

pregnant mom skin care first of all need to make sure that is the problem, which requires the pregnant mother used cosmetics must not contain any harmful substances. Therefore, the pregnant mother when the choose and buy protect skin to taste, it is important to note that the product composition.

2, basic function of skin care products

in general, pregnant women skin care products are mostly based on moisturizing, moisturizing and hydrating function is given priority to, composition is simple, does not contain endanger human body health. And those who have the function of whitening, acne removing, fight decline to protect skin to taste, often contain harmful substances, suggested that the pregnant mother don't use.

3, choose according to their own skin protect skin to taste

different pregnant mother skin is different, and in different season, the weather, the environment, the pregnant mother's skin will change too. Therefore, the pregnant mother to choose according to their own skin suitable to protect skin to taste, do not blindly follow suit.

there are three kinds of OEM cosmetics is better not to use the


is not only mother, is ordinary also is better not to use hair dye. Research proves that hair dye not only can cause skin cancer, or some breast cancer cause, serious when can cause fetal abnormalities.

cold fine

women after pregnancy, the hair will be very fragile, and easy to fall off, if reoccupy cold fine perm, will add to the hair loss. And cold precision can also affect the normal development of the fetus inside body, part of the minority women also can to its adverse reactions.


if pregnant women apply lipstick, some harmful substance in the air can easily be adsorbed on the lip, can also with the saliva into the body, cause harm pregnant fetuses. So the pregnant woman is better not to put on lipstick, especially don't lipstick for a long time.

conclusion: through the above article introduces the related knowledge introduction of do we protect skin during pregnancy had certain understanding, pregnant woman skin exquisite or many, many protect skin to taste is not suitable for pregnant women, pregnant women to skin care or want to choose some suitable for pregnant women use protect skin to taste.

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