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Alcohol hand sanitizer export matters needing attention

by:Zanyu     2020-09-30
Alcohol hand sanitizer export matters needing attention in recent two months, because of the abroad to alcohol, 75% alcohol hand sanitizer, huge demand for disposable sterile gel, foreign trade export alcohol hand sanitizer or related product is a hot spot, the bud, 75% alcohol disposable gel products for everybody attention the export of dangerous goods by sea. First of all, we know that these products can be divided into medical hand sanitizer and non medical hand sanitizer 2 kinds, their export a somewhat different approach. With medical 75% ethanol disinfection is the customs CODE of HS CODE is 380940010, before the export customs declaration, need to go to the customs commodity inspection departments to handle the customs form, known as do the commodity inspection. Non-medical class 75% alcohol hand sanitizer customs CODE HS CODE is 380940090, this kind of non medical hand sanitizer don't need to do the commodity inspection. If this kind of products of export containers is larger, we will strictly according to the regulations of the international maritime dangerous goods. Disposable sterile gel - 75% alcohol Alcohol hand sanitizer in the 180 kg of large iron such as this kind of product for export by sea, then must do dangerous goods classification identification, and then to the customs offices for handling the crisis package license, after taking dangerous package card, properly for customs declaration to the customs. Currently on the market of export 75% alcohol hand sanitizer or disposable sterile gel basic it is small package, can be directly in foreign markets, retail, in this case, due to the three kinds of little dose of flammable liquid, such as 50 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, effectively reduce the transportation risk, can not get the certificate dangerous packages, set limit to the exit. Mr Page, a dongguan changan factory do this kind of alcohol hand sanitizer foreign trade customers, insist on going to the customs offices for handling the crisis package card at the time, the customs told him in accordance with the 100 ml specification does not need to deal with, he is to get the certificate dangerous package to check, before and after a month, up the inspection personnel to factory inspection factory link is unqualified, can't process, wasted time, affected the delivery date. Hand sanitizer packaging qualified - 75% alcohol If 75% alcohol hand sanitizer hand sanitizer shipping limited ways of the exit, what good? As long as to comply with the requirements of the relevant customs of set limit to of dangerous goods by sea to operate, easy to release. So when limited export alcohol hand sanitizer, need to pay attention to what? A, the factory must first hold the qualifications of the production and operation and 75% alcohol hand sanitizer, business license, disinfection hygiene license these basic requirements. Otherwise not qualified cosmetics factory production of hand sanitizer quality on no, right? Second, the product to have the third party inspection report, product quality is qualified. Institutional analysis of sample product identification, proven a clear product composition, and sterilization effect, and so on. Three, if the manufacturer no import and export rights, can find a right of import and export companies to export agent. Thus solved the problem of the documents. Four, fill out the product limited report, commitment to the medical guarantee. Alcohol hand sanitizer transport of dangerous goods - 75 Dangerous goods shipping 5, when the booking of shipping and the alcohol hand sanitizer container truck transport, according to dangerous goods to booking and find have an aptitude for transport of dangerous goods transportation company to operate. Six, in the export of dangerous goods transport requirements should be obeyed when loading the goods for loading and reinforced, pay attention to the prevention and control of goods in transit impact and breakage, leakage, spontaneous combustion prevention and control of risk. If you have any dangerous chemicals in shenzhen, guangzhou or Hong Kong ocean export port, or alcoholic disinfectant exports meet any questions, can contact the supply chain. Finally remind of customers, alcohol hand sanitizer belong to the three kinds of dangerous goods, no matter which port you go out, all is the need to comply with the requirements of the international maritime dangerous goods regulations. International shipping - 75% alcohol hand sanitizer Dangerous goods shipping related laws and regulations to abide by the export of dangerous goods safety normal operation, dangerous goods in professional forwarders sea under the guidance of the supply chain, it will be very smoothly completed three kinds of the international maritime dangerous goods 75% alcohol hand sanitizer booking and dangerous goods declaration, fast customs clearance, a boat to finish disposable alcohol hand sanitizer, international trade to human defeat the virus, disease resistance to contribute to the success. Tags: alcohol hand sanitizer
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