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Alcohol hand sanitizer export shipping booking note

by:Zanyu     2020-09-30
Alcohol hand sanitizer export shipping booking note alcohol hand sanitizer belong to the three kinds of dangerous goods, export shipping booking must pay attention to the following problems: the appearance of ocean line generally two weeks in advance booking. Mainly because the dangerous goods need to cut risk in advance to declare, and sectional crisis report is need to have a case number, case number is the container. Need to mention container dock planner, positions, all said must advance booking time. And after booking the shipping company is not immediately reply you position, need to port documents audit, regional headquarters and ship company audit, audit through after will put a storehouse. Have a position to the back of the operation. Another situation is that many shipping companies are each other in all warehouse, dangerous goods for examination and approval, need to review it twice. When booking need to provide English version MSDS, dangerous package certificate scanning ( Do dangerous declaration need to provide the original) Fill the boat company application form of dangerous goods, the different ship company application form with something different, but the core content is the same. Shipper ( 发货人) The consignee ( Consignee) The port of loading, POL) The port of discharge, POD) Box/box ( 容器大小类型/数量) Correct name ( PSN) Level/UN encoding ( 类/联合国没有。 ) Vice dangerous ( 子风险1、2) Packaging category ( 包装组) The outer packing type ( 外包装类型) The inner packing type ( 内部包装类型) The net weight of goods ( 净重) Cargo gross weight ( 毛重) Flash point ( Flash Point) Whether sea pollution ( MARINE POLLUTANT) This information to fill in the correct and submitted to the ship company to apply for the position. General information, under the condition of correct shipping company about the appearance of two or three days put the position, the information is wrong, may be more long, even, direct refused to positions are also possible. Every ship hazardous above positions is limited, so in the case of positions is nervous, dangerous positions are more nervous. Such as the recent outbreak period, many shipping companies from the ship, can lead to positions nervous, also led to more difficult positions of dangerous goods. The advice to you is the booking in advance as much as possible, and then ship company also select some big company, don't too expensive, sea freight at this time, after all, have a good position. It is best to order two or three boats at the same time, more insurance, lest you book ship, suspension or any other reasons may be embarrassing. Tags: alcohol hand sanitizer
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