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Alcohol hand sanitizer no dangerous package card how to handle export formalities?

by:Zanyu     2020-09-29
Alcohol hand sanitizer no dangerous package card how to handle export formalities? Alcohol hand sanitizer to three kinds of dangerous goods, to flammable liquid. UN1170 CLASS3 PG: PG II or III export dangerous goods are need to have dangerous bag, but there is no crisis package can't out of the card? Is not, there is no crisis package limited packaging card you can do. Limited packaging conform to the requirements of the national crisis rules directly, can be normal export. Limited packaging is required, set limit to request can according to the UN number and PG packaging category. The right name ( Chinese) Ethanol (: Alcohol) (or ethanol solution Alcohol solution) The right name ( English) :乙醇( ETHYL ALCOHOL) 或乙醇溶液( 乙醇溶液) Packaging categories: Ⅱ limited number: 1 l packaging categories: Ⅱ I limited quantity: 5 l limited packing is complex, the inner packing is plastic bottle, inside the outer packing carton. And the cartons need to have limited logo on it. Yantian port is no problem of the goods, booking space provides A. English version MSDSB. Dangerous package certificate ( Don't have to do limited packaging) C。 The power of attorney, Indicate the number, net weight, gross weight, the consignee, the consignor, the information such as name) D。 Customs clearance data ( Customs declaration, customs a power of attorney, packing list and invoice, declare elements) The customs declaration data behind when customs clearance when the above three find it is ok to ship company booking, such as position, shipping company will tell you by the dangerous time, dropped the dangerous declaration do before this time. Normal do dangerous declaration to provide the original crisis package license to do limited packaging, provide the packing photos and certificate of limited. Dangerous when it's done declare, huang lian can pull into the port. Huang lian is now electronic, huang lian, the team can be normal in port planning, it is ok to accept such as port to port. Port port will delivery after arrival of the information. Customs broker to check the transfer information, can customs declaration, customs clearance and so on the bill of lading is ok. Tags: alcohol hand sanitizer dangerous packages
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