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Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle methods to create pure beauty

by:Zanyu     2021-04-27
As the saying goes, men have thirty-one flowers, and women thirty-one rotten tea dregs. Why are there such rumors? People are always overwhelmed by time, especially women. After the age of 25, women’s skin begins to age, wrinkles, spots, sagging skin and other symptoms slowly appear. In this case, if you leave it alone, you will soon Will enter a more serious interface, in order to avoid this situation, anti-aging has become a hot topic. How to fight aging? As soon as it came out, it has become a concern. Guangzhou Cosmetics Factory: How to prevent aging? Many netizens have announced their own practices: Netizen you are my angel: I insist on a cup of water every morning, a cup of green tea after meals, eat an apple a day, eat more fruits and vegetables, ensure adequate sleep and nutrition, and use it in the morning and evening. The product is used for maintenance, now the face is white and smooth, and wrinkles are almost invisible; netizen Xiao Mudan: We usually pay attention to nutrition, exercise more, take OEM skin care of the face before going to bed, apply an anti-aging freckle mask, and live an optimistic and active life. Will reduce a lot of wrinkles. Through the positive responses of enthusiastic netizens, we can know that everyone has their own set of methods when facing the enemy of aging, but that is only for individuals. How can we delay aging? Today I will share with you women. Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle methods to create pure beauty. [1] Use the correct method to apply OEM skin care products. When applying skin care products, you can use your hands to help the skin absorb nutrients. The method is to gently massage the skin with your fingers, which can not only promote the absorption of skin care products, but also make the skin full of vitality. Appropriate pressure can maintain good blood circulation and make the product more effectively absorbed by the skin. [2] Moisturizing cream can improve old skin. Regardless of the skin care products applied before, we can finally apply a layer of refreshing moisturizing cream, just like a sleeping mask, but not so sticky, which can lock the moisture of OEM skin care. It also has nutrition and can prevent skin moisture loss at night, and is particularly effective in improving dry skin during primary senility. [3] Sun protection is a necessary homework for anti-aging. If sun protection is not done well, other skin care tasks are useless. Even if the weather is sunny, we must do a good job of sun protection. You have to know that ultraviolet rays are everywhere. When choosing sunscreen products, the PA index is a criterion when choosing sunscreen products. However, for sensitive skin, it is better to choose physical sunscreen, because many chemical sunscreen agents may induce allergies. The above suggestions are of great help against the topic of old age. For me, a mask is more useful for me. For example, a person from a Guangzhou mask oem manufacturer told me that I put it on every day before going to bed. An anti-aging mask is very effective against aging. After reading the above suggestions, some netizens raised questions. Apart from these, is there no other healthier anti-aging method? For example, diet? Of course there is, let's listen to it! Secret 1: Method: Peel the ginkgo and put it in a pot, add the sliced u200bu200bpears and cook together, add white chrysanthemum petals and pure milk after cooking. After cooking, mix thoroughly with honey and drink. Function: Ginkgo is rich in anti-aging ingredients, and white chrysanthemum and Sydney pear can also whiten and remove spots. Secret two: Method: Take the same amount of atractylodes and papaya, then grind the atractylodes into a powder for use, put the papaya into a pot and smash it into a puree, mix the two, and then make it into the shape of a ball. Dry these balls, and then you can take them directly. Function: It has the function of invigorating the stomach and relieving the spleen, regulating the body from the inside, allowing the appearance to be permanent. Secret Three: Method: Put the above three ingredients together in the pot, add a small amount of rice wine and cook together. After cooking, pour some honey to reconcile, boil it into a paste and let it stand to cool. Later, you can take 1 to 2 daily. The spoon can nourish qi and blood, and help women delay aging. Secret Four: Method: Grind the black sesame seeds into a fine powder, mix it with corn flour and honey, add an appropriate amount of boiling water to make a sesame paste and eat directly. Not only does it taste good, it can promote cell division and delay skin aging. Regular consumption can also effectively remove wrinkles. I believe that through unremitting efforts and persistence, it is not a problem to create pure beauty. I hope that every woman can persevere and stay young forever.
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