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Baby spring outing to use disposable liquid washing your hands?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-03
Next spring, a lot of mom and dad would bring baby go out for an outing, not only can let the baby breathe fresh air, can also be common growth of knowledge, but clean out this problem became a big problem, especially in the outdoor water scarce areas, coupled with the baby and love touch there touch here, the one thousand want to hand to his mouth may also lead to illness. Some parents usually prepare some wet towel to clean their hands to the child, and some parents take washing your hands free liquid, a way which is better? Wipes: choose appropriate use, is critical for wet towel wipes is currently one of the most commonly used baby products, but in recent years, the negative news about wet wipes are flowing, such as bacteria, add brightener, industrial-grade essence, such as material, cause bad effect to the health of the baby. However, not all wet wipes, to cut wipes the harm to human body, but also pay attention to choose the right wipes: first of all, choose special baby wipes, do not choose adult with wet towel. Second, hand wipes and pp wipes to be used separately. The baby wipes on market generally divided into common wet wipes and hand wipes, ordinary baby wipes are commonly used to clean the buttocks, the main ingredient is non-woven + water + antibacterial agent ( Such as silver ion antibacterial agent) + emollients ( Such as glycerin) And may contain alcohol; Hand mouth wet towels are commonly used to clean mouth, and the baby hand may come into contact with the mouth, does not contain the essence, alcohol and preservatives. Micro Turk nano remind everybody, because there's a difference, to the requirement of components common wet towel wipes and hand mouth is best not to mix, so as to avoid adverse to health. If it is a baby, it is suggested that two kinds of wipes should be prepared, according to the need to use; If baby is bigger, can only carry hand wipes. Third, baby wipes should be alternative products, it is better to use the flow of water to clean the baby's hands. Free hand wash liquid, can only be disinfected, could not wash clean waterless hand sanitizer is usually equipped with a sterilization composition and volatile solvent, and low content of surfactant ( Washing effect) And emollients. In the process of washing, waterless hand sanitizer can have disinfection effect, and won't produce too much foam, in after cleaning the hands of dirt, solvent volatilization automatically, achieve the goal of no need to rinse. However, washing your hands free fluid can only play the role of disinfection, decontamination. If the baby is only necessary to touch everywhere but no obvious dirt, then directly using waterless hand sanitizer can play a better effect. If the baby hand was covered with mud, direct use of waterless hand sanitizer can only the rub the dirty, obviously not clean. Small make up recommend outdoor activities when hand wipes and waterless hand sanitizer collocation is used, if the baby to play in dirt, can use first hand and hand wipes to besmirch wipe up, reach the role of clean decontamination, sterilization and then use the waterless hand sanitizer, wash your hands clean + disinfection work. If worry about waterless hand sanitizer contains alcohol, can again hand mouth wet wipes away baby hands, hand mouth wet towel is generally not containing alcohol. However, if there is water, the best cleaning method or rinse with water for your baby!
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