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Bath dew unexpectedly also can make?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-28

the autumn wind and blows again and again with the autumn wind into the season may have turned the various dry! Dry! As a result, the usual daily necessities health it is crucial that people usually use shampoo, shower gel and so on all is how to manufacture out of? With what equipment? Shower gel manufacturer to take you to see

therefore, brother elder sister people decision sent to experience the whole process a commodity DIY! After entering experience hall, I can see everything dressings, contains basic commodities, some hydrating mask, and a variety of interesting like soap. And this kind of display is tasted, are feeling the museum exhibits of DIY manufactures, manufacturing all by herself.

in addition, by the exhibits have making basic common sense about daily chemical and its skin care products division spectrum, making steps in detail, such as to make everyone more visual master daily chemical products processing technology. While staring at the experience pavilion on the other side, I think of college chemistry class.

'wow, good professional! 'Everything on the spot, this is can't help Shouting out, look at the up raw materials and special tools, very terrible. Next, that is to say guys DIY stage of praise! In front of the DIY, perhaps, people must wear gowns, wear rubber gloves and respirator, in order to be prepared for in advance. In the whole process of DIY, there will be a technical professional docent specific guidance. From raw material selection, to the raw material preparation, preparation techniques, such as the narrator is specific guidance carefully. Finally on manufactured goods of that a moment, bursting with great satisfaction.

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