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Be a 'pox' warrior

by:Zanyu     2021-07-01
During adolescence, not only did you become rebellious, but the skin on your face also became disobedient. Do you have such experience of fighting acne? Do you feel that you have used a lot of anti-acne products, but often feel that they don’t work? Do you often squeeze with your hands, but find that it is getting worse? Acne comes back and forth again and again, spring and autumn come again, war acne often comes. Why does acne spread? Come and listen to what the editor of Guangzhou Cosmetics Factory says! For more information on acne, click on the chief cosmetic oem: how to get acne? Acne on the face is considered normal by many people. They simply think that acne is caused by excess oil on the face and clogged pores. But I want to tell you that acne is not only caused by the clogging of oil, but to a large extent. Caused by bad habits. This time, the editor of Guangzhou Cosmetics Factory will give you an analysis of what habits will cause people to develop acne. If you find these bad habits, you also have them, then quickly correct them! [1] I don’t know if you love sweets. People who love sweets have far more pimples on their faces than those who don’t like sweets. What is the reason? When summer comes, do you find that you have more acne? Don’t you feel that you can’t get rid of the heat without eating a few slices a day? Let me tell you, ice cream and chocolate will bring you into the world of acne at any time. That's because too much sugar intake can lead to hyperinsulinemia, which in turn increases IGF-1 and reduces IGFBP-3, which increases epidermal cell growth and sebum secretion, and causes chronic inflammation in the body to induce acne. [2] Wet towels are generally used to put towels in the bathroom because they are convenient and easy to handle, but the bathroom is relatively damp and has less ventilation. It is easy to breed bacteria in a damp state for a long time. We use it to wash our faces again, which will make our faces Bacteria grow and the skin is damaged, leading to acne. [3] Common tools Whether it is pillowcases, duvet covers or makeup tools, we should always change and wash them. Pillowcases and quilt covers should be washed frequently, because they are the easiest to hide dirt and breed bacteria. We often use them, but they don’t change and wash often, which will make us hide bacteria. Therefore, we should wash them frequently during the fight against acne. It is best to wash it once a week. After each wash, place it in the strong sun to kill bacteria. For makeup tools, it is best to use professional foundation brushes, foundations, etc., or you can replace them with new ones regularly to prevent facial infections. [4] Have you noticed the bad mood? If you have been in a low-spirited state for a period of time, the acne on your face will continue to grow with your mood. The more depressed and depressed a person's mood, the more substance P will be secreted. The stronger the sebum secretion is, the more it stimulates the production of micro-inflammation of the sebaceous glands and the appearance of acne. Therefore, always keep an optimistic attitude and smile frequently, so that you not only make people approachable, but also suppress acne. Are you going to be acne warriors? Start with bad habits! Try to get rid of the title of war acne warrior.
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