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Beware of skin aging during pregnancy Five habits that aggravate fine lines and skin aging

by:Zanyu     2021-07-03
The appearance of fine lines on the face represents the further acceleration of skin aging. For pregnant mothers who want to stay young, what daily behaviors will cause the increase and deepening of fine lines? Xiaorun lists five major incentives for pregnant mothers. 1. It’s right to laugh. If you laugh a lot, it’s actually easy to reveal your age, because the usual expressions are too rich and often laughter will affect the muscles of the face, just like a piece of white paper, which will inevitably leave traces. One reason. If you often make facial expressions or laugh and neglect anti-aging maintenance, you need to pay attention, because dynamic patterns can easily become static patterns. 2. Rude cleaning If you clean too frequently, fine lines will easily occur. Whether it is removing makeup, cleaning, wearing contact lenses, applying eye makeup and other eye-related content, the action will be too rude to make collagen. As time passes, the firmness of the skin decreases. So be sure to take care of your fragile skin often and make your movements gentler.  3, no sunscreen  You will definitely say that I apply sunscreen every day in summer, but the editor tells you that sunscreen should be done all year round regardless of sunny or rainy days. We must know that the ultraviolet rays in the sun will destroy the skin tissue structure and lead to premature aging. So, if you are a streaking person who doesn’t have sunscreen, be careful of signs of aging on your skin!   4. Smartphones are inseparable from modern people at all times, but you have to know that the blue light emitted by the smartphone’s screen will accelerate. The skin is aging. So people who bow their heads should pay attention. If you have the habit of being inseparable from mobile phones and tablets, all kinds of fine lines are prone to appear.  5, staying up late    staying up late in addition to darkening and rough skin, the more terrifying thing is the loss of collagen caused by long-term neglect. Then unconsciously, the fine lines also ran out. Studies have found that people who sleep for more than 7 hours a day have a lower mortality rate, while those who sleep less time have a higher and higher mortality rate. Therefore, paying attention to sleep every day is also one of the guarantees for better skin. Oh.   During pregnancy, the skin becomes sensitive and fragile, and it is susceptible to damage from external sources of pollution, leading to accelerated aging. To get rid of the annoying fine lines and keep the skin moisturized, the key is to do a good job of daily basic care, gentle cleansing and moisturizing, so that the skin can last forever.
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