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Blain blain, coarse pores, cosmetic health did you notice?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-17
Blain blain, coarse pores, cosmetic health did you notice? Make up this is a problem, if you want to simply is simply not, but life still have a lot of female friends makeup when some bad habits, like cough up today, pay more attention to in the future. 1, do not wash their hands before making up, wash your hands after using the toilet, direct contact with the skin cosmetics, make-up should wash hands before. Many women playing mobile phone while makeup, many bacteria on the mobile phone, on the makeup is transferred to the skin and cosmetic. In addition, must be timely after makeup covering over the product to avoid long time contact with air. 2, makeup tools are not clean, many girls throw a makeup tools use, never to clean. Makeup tools easily collected bacteria, facial oil and residual cosmetics bacteria multiply. Regular cleaning makeup tools, so be sure to use a dedicated cleaner or neutral soap, after washing a cotton pad or paper towel blot, after the flat in ventilated place. 3, the cosmetic bag into the toilet, toilet is very dirty, but some women will put cosmetic bag into the toilet cover, repair a makeup, if really need in the toilet to prepare a small amount of separate packing. 4, cold use lipstick, bacteria easily attached on the surface of the paste that lipstick, cold when the body's immune system is relatively fragile, vulnerable to bacterial infection at this moment, avoid to use lipstick when cold, if you must use, before using the lipstick with a disinfectant wipes surface to wipe clean, disinfection work well after use, avoid cold virus residue on the lipstick, lead to more bacteria growth.
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