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Can hand sanitizer wash my face?

Can hand sanitizer wash my face?


Hand sanitizer is one of our most commonly used care products. Since hand sanitizer has the effect of cleaning and disinfecting, it is reasonable to wash your face. Can you wash your face? Zanyu hand sanitizer supplier will explain to you whether hand sanitizer can wash your face.

Can hand sanitizer wash my face?

The surface of our skin has a layer of skin protection structure called "sebum film", which is an acidic protective film, and the hand sanitizer contains more surfactants, thickeners and other additional ingredients, and most of the hands are washed The liquids are strong alkaline. If you wash your face regularly with strong alkaline products, it will damage the sebum film, so that the skin's resistance will gradually deteriorate, and it is easy to pass the face and aging! So you can't wash your face with liquid soap!

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The hazards of washing face with hand sanitizer for a long time

1. Dry skin

The hand sanitizer has strong detergency, and it is easy to over-cleanse the oil and moisture on the skin, which makes the skin dry and tight.

 2. Sensitive skin

The hand sanitizer is specially designed for the skin of the hands. It is easy to cause great irritation to the facial skin when it is directly applied to the face. The skin is damaged and becomes sensitive. If the skin is more sensitive, it is easy to cause allergies.

 If you accidentally wash your face with hand sanitizer, don’t panic~ wash your face sanitizer with clean water in time. If you still have facial discomfort after washing, you should seek medical treatment in time. Xiao Bian believes that you should choose a professional cleansing product. In this way, our facial skin will not be damaged, so that we can best protect our skin.

The right steps for hand washing

1. Wash your palms: wet your hands with running water, apply hand sanitizer (or soap), palms facing each other, rub your fingers together close to each other;

2. Wash the finger joints on the back side: the palms of the hands rub against each other along the finger joints, and the hands are exchanged;

3. Wash the finger joints on the palm side: the palms are opposite, hands crossed and rubbed along the finger joints;

4. Thumb washing: hold the thumb in one hand and rotate and rub, and exchange hands;

5. Wash the back of the fingers: bend the joints of the fingers, half-fist and put the back of the fingers on the palm of the other hand to rotate and rub, and exchange hands.

6. Wash fingertips: bend the joints of the fingers, close the fingertips in the palm of the other hand, rotate and rub, and exchange hands.

7. Wash your wrists and arms: rub your wrists and arms and exchange your hands.

During COVID-19, remember to wash your hands every day to ensure our health.

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