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Can oily skin use olive oil? How to use olive oil correctly

by:Zanyu     2021-06-05

  Olive oil is rich in a variety of skin beautifying essences and is widely used in the skin care industry. However, many oily skins are afraid of olive oil skin care products. Is it suitable for people with oily skin to use olive oil skin care products?

Is   olive oil suitable for oily skin?

  Olive oil is a kind of oil. Although it is well absorbed, it still feels oily after using it on the skin. However, the skin care specialist during pregnancy pointed out that olive oil Oil has a strong moisturizing effect, can lock the moisture in the skin, dry skin, thereby reducing the secretion of oil, so people with oily skin can use olive oil to improve skin texture. If people with oily skin feel that olive oil is too oily, they can use it every time after washing their face.

  How to use olive oil for oily skin

   After washing your face or shower, take a small amount of olive oil on your palm, and then spread it evenly on the skin, and gently Massage for a few minutes to promote absorption into the skin. If it really feels oily, it is recommended to mix it with aloe vera gel, which will reduce the oiliness and increase the moisturizing effect.

  Pay attention to the dosage of olive oil for oily skin

   Because people with oily skin secrete more oil in their own skin, so when using olive oil, Appropriately reduce the dosage and just apply a thin layer on the skin, otherwise it is easy to burden the skin, cause clogged pores, grow fat particles or cause other skin problems.

   Use olive oil to reduce the frequency of oily skin

   Many people with dry skin use olive oil every day, sometimes many times a day. If you have oily skin, then You can appropriately reduce the frequency of use, so that the skin has time to rest, and it will not make the skin too oily.

   Wash your face with olive oil first for oily skin

   Because people with oily skin often get oily, it is better to use it after washing your face every day or after taking a shower. Use a facial cleanser with better cleansing power to remove excess oil and dirt on the face. So the skin still feels fresh after washing the face, and then using olive oil will not feel so uncomfortable.

The magical skin care effect of    olive oil has been praised by many OEM skin care specialists. The skin care of pregnant women with olive oil under the same brand of makeup and food is light and non-greasy, suitable for all skin types, and can be used as makeup remover , Moisturizing, light spot, etc.

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