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Can't ignore the eye skin

by:Zanyu     2020-10-23
The skin around the eyes is the most tender skin on the face, it is easy to damage, need you to seriously care and maintenance. Yet many people do not have enough attention, so the eye bag, black rim of the eye, eye irritation, the appearance of fine lines and a series of problems arise. So, don't look down upon these small work well. Eye skin moisturizing the skin around the eyes is also very easy to water shortage, hydrating work also is very important, if don't care, is likely to be long fine lines, so eye cream or eye gel is indispensable, if necessary can also use some elite fluid. Normal finished makeup makeup when use special eye makeup remover, as far as possible to reduce eye damage. Will also be able to do what is applied usually, do one or two each week, about the state of the eye skin will get improved. Give your eyes do exercises everyday can also do some simple eye maintenance operation. 1: the first step, put both hands palm friction to fever. 2: open your eyes, put the hands on the eyes, hand to wipe out the heat can nourish the eyes. It sounds as if a little xuan, inherited the viewpoints of oh, this is the ancients has a magical effect. 3: think the air conditioning didn't until after the friction, the eyes closed to apply. 4: repeat 3 ~ 5 times. Do a few times a day, can have the effect of improving eyesight refreshing. Vitamin C eye cream with vitamin C to deal with black rim of the eye and eye problems, not, I will not call them one by one, this eye cream let people enjoy is the quality of a material, a touch namely. Main function is to promote, firming, soothe and smooth skin. Usually pay attention to in the usual time, for the maintenance of the eye, with eyes, the first is to science, of course, try not to stay up late, don't staring at a computer for a long time, also is a kind of eye week skin maintenance. Don't use hand to rub eyes hard, besides not health, will also form for eye skin damage, because eye week skin is very tender.
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