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Children's skin care products processing: children can use adult skin care products?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-23
With the implementation of the comprehensive two child policy, our country in the existing 2. 300 million children ( Under the age of 14) Or an increase of 8 million each year, on the basis of population, the infant child window: children's market development, much attention has been paid to children's skin care products therefore become the cosmetics industry. However, affected by a few years ago baby powder were detected containing carcinogens effects of events such as asbestos, the safety of the children's skin care products has been questioned, 'without adding' the concept of 'zero' and 'natural' popular children's cosmetics. To highlight the safety of cosmetics and cosmetic advertising claim that adults and children can be used. So, what is the truth? Q: children can be a mixture of adults to protect skin to taste? A: children are not smaller versions of adult, the skin structure is incomplete, corneous layer immature, incomplete sebum membrane, skin resistance is poor, to protect skin to taste absorption speed, easy to produce allergic reaction. So, the high quality of the infant child skin care products must conform to the children's own physiological characteristics, cannot be equated with adult skin care products. Generally speaking, children's skin care products according to the characteristics of children's skin, add the necessary ceramide, cholesteryl skin barrier and essential fatty acids, necessary to supplement the sebum membrane lipid; Formula to moderate, as far as possible without the use of preservatives, synthetic fragrances and chemical pigments, unfavorable to add whitening, spot, deodorant, bodybuilding, breast beauty efficacy composition, don't encourage the gene technology, nano materials, etc. New technology in the production of raw materials. Q: what are the raw materials prohibited appear in children's skin care products? Answer: in the cosmetic safety technical specifications '( The 2015 version) Safety tips, specifically for children with children's skin care products and related component is not much, only boric acid and borate and tetraborate, strontium chloride, thioglycolic acid and its salts ( A perm, hair removal) , hydrated magnesium silicate ( Talcum powder) Ammonia, iodine propiolic alcohol butyl formate, salicylic acid and its salts, deposition on the titanium dioxide silver chloride, etc. Among them, the iodine propiolic alcohol ammonia butyl formate is at present the common preservatives in cosmetics, the cosmetic safety technical specifications '( The 2015 version) Specify the type used to reside cosmetics, 'shall not be used for children under the age of three products, is the lips with products, is the body cream and body lotion'. Q: iodine propiolic alcohol ammonia butyl formate what harm is there? A: first of all, iodine propiolic alcohol ammonia butyl formate is often used as a cosmetic preservatives, but it may irritate the respiratory tract, even when the concentration is too high can cause breathing difficulties. The environmental working group ( EWG) Research found that iodine propiolic alcohol butyl overall damage above moderate of ammonium formate. Because it has inhalation toxicity, so it is possible that in can be atomized or inhaled cannot be used in cosmetics. Second, iodine propiolic alcohol butyl ammonia formic acid can be irritating to the skin, cause allergic dermatitis even. The eu cosmetics agencies conducted a study in 1996 ~ 1999 years, to 2093 women and 1075 men to give iodine propiolic alcohol butyl formate (ammonia IPBC) Skin allergy tests, found that using iodine propiolic alcohol ammonia butyl formate cosmetics may lead to allergic contact dermatitis. Australia's national industrial chemicals notification and assessment scheme ( Nicnas) Website lists are also known as contact iodine propiolic alcohol butyl formate ammonia caused the typical cases of allergy. Again, the use of iodine propiolic alcohol ammonia butyl formate cosmetics can make skin 'eating' of excessive iodine. From Australia, New Zealand standards ( FSANZ) Announcement, said in the use of iodine propiolic alcohol butyl formate cosmetics, ammonia may have free iodine release, and adverse effects on the thyroid gland. Thyroid is bad, choice of propiolic alcohol butyl ammonia containing iodine of cosmetics. Tags: children's skin care products processing skincare generation processing
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