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Children's use of washing your hands free fluid needs to pay attention to?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-11
A sudden outbreak, to wash his hands free fluid into the field of vision, more parents, however, many parents are confused, how to choose free hand wash liquid for children?
children to use free hand wash liquid
note points on zhihu, there are fans for washing your hands free fluid in the selected, set up the subject. First of all, to be sure, the child can use the free hand wash liquid, just on the selection and use, need special attention.

based on current knowledge of the prevention and control of a new type of coronavirus associated can know, ordinary hand sanitizer tend to decontamination, surfactant as main component, in the process of hand washing can take away the stain. And washing your hands free liquid sterilization function of lay particular stress on, mainly is suitable for the occasion to use washing is not convenient. Although cleaning effect on weaker in ordinary hand sanitizer, but on the sterilization, containing a certain concentration of ethanol from liquid washing your hands.

for composition, the free hand wash liquid can be roughly divided into alcohol ( Ethanol) Classes and non-alcoholic two kinds, the raging new coronavirus, there is a layer coated on the structure, can be destroyed by alcohol, so choose washing your hands free to children should choose to contain alcohol liquid.

however, alcohol is not enough, only depending on concentration. The new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program ( Part sixth edition) 'Mentioned: 75% ethanol ( Alcohol) Can be inactivated virus effectively. But this does not mean that must be 75% concentration of ethanol. According to the world health organization ( 世卫组织) Advice, choose 60% ~ 80% ethanol concentration. But the concentration is too high, 90% or 95%) But also the effect not beautiful.
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