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Children with a free hand wash liquid?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-07
Child goes to school in kindergarten will touch the dirty things, or the armrest is dirty, in the table, dust, but how to resist bacteria from the outside to the child's intrusion, I believe you also is very hope children can stay away from bacteria, away from the disease, but how far away from the bacteria, small make up to bring their children to school far away from the method of bacteria. How to choose washing your hands free liquid hand sanitizer can achieve 'disposable', is due to the volatile solvent ( Low boiling point alcohol) The role of; To achieve the purpose of disinfection, it is to add the antiseptic bacteriostasis component's sake; Sometimes combined with a surfactant, can produce fine bubbles. After understanding the principle of free hand wash liquid, when the choice to pay attention to the following: 1. Sterilization ways from there are two kinds of antiseptic liquid washing your hands is common: ethanol ( Alcohol) Or fungicide. High levels of alcohol can cause the bacterial protein denaturation, thereby the purpose of disinfection, medical alcohol concentration is 75%, the lower the alcohol concentration, the sterilization effect will be weakened, the weakness of the composition of ethanol as sterilization is that it can't resist a clostridium ( Bacteria can cause fatal enteritis) ; Compared to ethanol, fungicides such as benzalkonium chloride, triclosan has highly effective, broad-spectrum sterilization effect, in very low concentrations ( Benzalkonium chloride dosage of skin disinfection of 0. 1%, the dosage of triclosan less than 0. 3%) Can have the effect of sterilization, but compared with the volatile fast ethanol, fungicide nonvolatile, will remain on the skin, there are some reports will be mentioned in the health risks of their existence, but a bigger threat to the bacteria, free of fungicide liquid washing your hands is still very necessary. 2. Moisturizing because alcohol can accelerate skin moisture loss, make its become dry tight, and can irritate the skin, the baby's skin do not hope so. Washing your hands free fluid add moisturizing ingredients can alleviate this kind of situation, glycerin is the most commonly used moisturizer, some plant extract, trehalose, hyaluronic acid is also thought to have protect wet effect. As far as possible choose add moisturizing ingredients products. 3. Texture selection can produce bubble because adding the surface active agent, is there a bubble won't have influence on the effects of disinfecting and decontamination, the user can choose according to his be fond of. Washing your hands free liquid alcohol is the main active ingredients or benzalkonium chloride, alcohol is a common sterilization disinfectant, medical and other fields and benzalkonium chloride, is a kind of non oxidizing bactericide, broad-spectrum, high efficient sterilization ability, commonly used in industrial and medical disinfection, band-aid and so on also has the ingredients in the product. Therefore, whether alcohol washing your hands free fluid, or benzalkonium chloride as the main active ingredients of the product, its in such aspects as clean aseptic is a basic requirements can be achieved. Everyday, should as far as possible for children to use free hand wash liquid, if in the home, should as far as possible use of soap and other cleaning products by water flushing to clean, if children use in outdoor environment must avoid washing your hands fluid, the children as far as possible, reduce eat hand after cleaning, etc.
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