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China's cosmetics market scale growth is the world's first, per capita consumption have infinite imagination space

by:Zanyu     2020-10-23
Chinese cosmetics market scale growth is the world's first, per capita consumption has infinite imaginary space, according to data from the 2018 global cosmetics market is worth $488 billion, the Chinese cosmetics market occupies 12 around the world. 7% of the share, become the world's second largest cosmetics market, China has become the focus of the national leading the global cosmetics industry development. China's cosmetics market is the world's second, nearly 10 average annual compound growth rate of the world's first! According to Euromonitor international institutions, according to statistics, 2009 - In 2018, the global cosmetics market scale, fluctuated change trend. According to data, 2012 - 2014 global economic recovery is weak, although cosmetics market continues to grow, but the overall growth rate is low; In 2015, due to the euro zone continued sluggish demand and main cosmetics market is one of Brazil's a sharp recession, the global cosmetics scale fell, fell to 7. 3%; Nearly three years the global economy recovered, drive cosmetics consumer rebound, in 2018, the global market is worth $488 billion, up 4% from a year earlier. Among them, the cosmetics market in China occupies 12 around the world. 7% of the market, China has reached 410. 2 billion yuan, the cosmetics industry market size for the world's second, after the United States ( 18. 3%) 。 Although China's cosmetics industry market size for the world's second, but has become the world's first on the market scale growth. 2009 - In 2018, the average annual compound growth rate of 9 Chinese cosmetics industry. 9%, more than 3 in the United States. 3% higher than 6. 6%. Contrast and the global cosmetics market scale growth in our country, our country has already become an important market led the development of the global cosmetics industry. Thus, although at present, China's cosmetics market is less than the United States, but the industry is in rapid growth stage, the future development has more imagination space. Cosmetics per capita consumption rise space is broad, the diversification of consumption crowd driving the development of industry and the United States, Japan, South Korea cosmetics consumption is relatively mature countries, such as contrast, cosmetics consumption per capita in China for $43, 2018, was only one 5 of these cosmetics consumption per capita in developed countries, and even the level of one 7. With the growth of China's per capita disposable income, according to international experience, when a country's national per capita GDP reached $3000, consumer spending has been largely beyond subsistence needs, to the pursuit of a higher quality of life. At present, China's national per capita GDP has reached $9732, the trend of the growth in disposable income and consumer spending, China's consumer demand levels from 'eat satisfied wear warm' such as the traditional consumption to high-end consumption, personalized consumption. Therefore, along with our country the trend of consumption upgrade, China's domestic cosmetics per capita consumption is expected to continue to improve, further illustrate the cosmetics industry in our country vast room for growth. In addition to our country consumer upgrades, income levels rise or will bring cosmetics per capita consumption level rise, for China's cosmetics market offers huge potential for development, three, four cities in our country still has huge consumption potential waiting to be released, will also be an important force in booster cosmetics consumer market in China. According to a 2019 Tmall 618 consumption, according to data from June 1 to 2, Tmall order of more than 50 million objects from three to six cities in our country. Especially beauty makeup, just two days before 618, from three to six cities offer beauty makeup products sales year-on-year growth of 143%, far more than expected. With the high-speed development of mobile Internet and electronic business, the low consumption wave transmission speed further shorten the line between cities and the first and second line 'consumption gap', China's cosmetics market began to be three or four line city youth groups consumption at home. Based on the analysis, China's cosmetics market potential, is expected to continue driving the development of the global cosmetics industry, forward-looking conservative is expected in 2019 China's cosmetics industry market size of more than 440 billion yuan; The size of the market by 2024, more than 600 billion yuan. The above data and be used as a reference source forward-looking industry research institute published the Chinese cosmetics industry market demand forecast and investment strategy analysis report.
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