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China will become the global cosmetics generation of processing the largest production base

by:Zanyu     2020-09-27
China will become the global cosmetics generation processing production base with the largest domestic large number of processing enterprises in the technical personnel, technology and equipment constantly updated, more and more foreign cosmetics manufacturers choose as cosmetics OEM suppliers in China. It is reported, after China's accession to the world trade organization (wto), about a third of the world's OEM business will transfer to China. More and more world famous manufacturers to shift production to China, that China is becoming a global industrial manufacturing production factory, so some experts predict that China will become the world's manufacturing base for cosmetics. 'At present the cosmetics industry evolution path and the clothing, household appliances enterprise have similarities, and China still is the world's most potential consumer market, so as the Chinese cosmetics processing technology and the improvement of management level, like clothing, household appliances enterprises is expected to become the world's largest OEM contract. 'China researcher at the center for the promotion of international OEM cooperation, said in an interview with reporters. It is understood that China's current cosmetics market is about 50 billion yuan a year, is expected to reach 80 billion yuan by 2010. Under the high profits and attract huge market, every year hundreds of new brand cosmetics, for OEM cosmetics OEM bring enormous business opportunities. So, from the point of view of supply chain become the cosmetics OEM base in China is also a must, because the factory close consumer market, China is now the biggest and the most potential consumer market. OEM is rationalization, global collaboration and socialization production resources and as a result, the effective ways to OEM production has become an important part of modern industrial production. It is understood that in Europe in the 1960 s has been OEM processing industry association, OEM production and trade in the 1990 s have reached 350 billion euros. Chinese people usually understand OEM OEM. Foreign companies in choosing a OEM generation of processing plant will have strict procedures and requirements, such as plant equipment is advanced, whether health standard, comprehensive research and development ability, whether to have special technology, whether to have qualified professional talent team, the price is reasonable, and so on comprehensive factors. Chinese cosmetics enterprise with many years of development, many enterprises have reached a corresponding standard. Beauty makeup industry to reach international standards, is also the first through the 'two card' of the enterprise. Reporter discovery, there are many cosmetic companies have developed the OEM processing business, and cooperate with the world famous cosmetics brand. Many enterprises have said, in such cooperation in personnel training and management are improved. Foreign cosmetics companies choose Chinese companies as OEM partners, will set up in China's cosmetics co-packer can reduce labor cost, environmental cost and material cost. As is known to all, China Labour costs relatively low abroad a lot, a lot of materials and resources to local materials also reduces the production cost, environmental pollution will also be left out in the country. So, even raw material can be shipped to China, made in China to repatriate points after filling and packing such costs also have exported to all over the world is much lower than in domestic production. At the same time, China also become beneficiaries of OEM cosmetics processing. Chinese cosmetics processing enterprises in addition to get expensive toll fee, also can learn the advanced management experience and technology. Although just generation processing at present, with the technology and management experience to continuously create have independent intellectual property rights of products in the future play basic jobs. Cosmetics processing enterprises should, of course, forge ahead, grasp opportunities, such as macroeconomic situation, industry policy adjustment and change of information industry.
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