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Choose cosmetics co-packer, don't because of petty gain lose big chance

by:Zanyu     2020-10-16
Choose cosmetics co-packer, don't because of petty gain missed opportunity in electric business platform for cosmetics category, what do you value most cosmetics? Good product quality, the effect is good, good to sell. Yes, this is all to do electrical manufacturers hope. So, on the choice of co-packer cosmetics, what do you value most? Qualified, with strength, good service, can bring benefits to your store, and the price is not expensive. And small make up and the general electric business friends would like to mention, the manufacturer of this rare! Mr Page, a client is encountered such a situation. Customer is plant planting base, to processing and bottling plants pure dew and essential oils in Tmall shops selling. After than many manufacturers offer, in a certain factory is slightly lower than our processing quotation, resolutely chose a factory. Something unsatisfactory, the production of a large number of products didn't sell go out, why not sell? The manufacturer plant raw materials extraction technology is not mature, the plant material processing cosmetics experience is not enough, cosmetics has gone bad. Thought found the wire money at a lower price, their busy products registered trademark for the record and other things before and after running, not to earn money also huge losses, the manufacturer of the follow-up work attitude, really let her blow heavy torn. The customer gave up the idea, relax to sell the raw material. Two years later to see a fellow friends not only have their own brands, products are also sold progresses day by day, really feel in the heart, let the customer is determined to find another factory. By selecting a manufacturer have to know before the page and on-the-spot investigation, know the bud, in the product research and development and processing technology is very professional and experienced in particular, just because at the time showed, then choose the one manufacturer. Her again, we find the page, after that her needs, the bud, tailor a set of exclusive processing plan for her, from her to a product brand registration for the record, shipment, from the packaging design to the finished product from raw material to extract after-sales tracking, the whole process of the bud, for she is really, not only that, the bud, also provide products for the record for her inspection report, a number of plants for a patent for invention, can be directly in Tmall store display, for the product value-added security, more importantly, the price is very reasonable, let her surprise, if only the lack of early choose the page. Now, a few years later, the customer has been worked closely with the bud, the bud, have also developed a variety of new products, for her, she is very good. Often and friends talk about cooperation manufacturers experience for the first time, she would mingle tell a friend, don't choose cosmetics plants showed that missed opportunity to make money. The bud, deep processing plants cosmetics, guangzhou is the page processing, cosmetics manufacturers, national high and new technology enterprise, guangdong pharmaceutical university teaching base, have two certificates and cosmetics production permit and business license and the regulations of the state of pollution. From the details to ensure the quality of products, each product delivery has only trace code, good faith for the customer, has a strong after-sales guarantee, welcome every customer supervision. Mr Page, adhere to the 'quality first, safe and effective, scientific and technological innovation' concept, using the first class enterprise ERP production management system, production of high-quality cosmetics for the customer.
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