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Choose from four aspects of pregnant women to protect skin to taste

by:Zanyu     2020-11-16
Protect skin to taste, many on the market the sham as the genuine, how to choose a really suitable for their own OEM skin care products, become a pregnant mom is a headache problem. Pregnancy skin care specialist, points out that from the sex and efficacy, considering both pregnant mother can be measured from the following four aspects. A, see all OEM cosmetics by the state, whether domestic or imported cosmetics, all its components must be marked on the instruction, otherwise will be banned from sales. If the product doesn't even have the ingredients list without considering, obviously is 3 without the product. Pregnant mother when choosing to protect skin to taste, to contain soy isoflavones, soy lecithin, hydrolyzed soy protein ingredients such as nature is advisable. , gentle no stimulation, more suitable for pregnant mothers. Two, see a brand with public praise of the big brands, whether it is a sex products or pleiotropic effect that protect skin, are more secure. If are not heard of the brand, it is commonly some just a niche product, pregnant mother is better not to trade to choose. Three, 'feel, the more the absorption rate does not contain harmful material products, the tactility is more delicate, skin to absorb much sooner. For example, protect skin to taste, quality of a material is relatively light, absorption effect also good, does not contain any harmful chemical substances, gives skin ultra high close skin, gentle, nourish skin, not to bring too much burden, is pregnant mother's preferred choice. Fourth, the smell after pregnancy, pregnant women's sense of smell is more sensitive than in the past, better choose a few contain natural ingredients, taste more soothing OEM skin care products. Its product nature level soybean, rice as raw materials, and extracted through high-end research do not contain harmful chemicals, rich in light faint scent. Can in curing skin at the same time, ease the pregnant mother mood, ning god. during pregnancy, be sure to put the sex industry, so as to avoid harmful material damage fetal health, maternal tragic. Popular market makeup edible protect skin to taste more demand for joint pregnancy women, multiple effect improves skin texture, mild skin, is indispensable to pregnant women to protect skin to maintain optimal.
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