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Choose what time to apply face film is better?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-02

the weather is getting dry now, little cute is in silently up the mask? Many people are asking, apply face film on my skin really works? Mask apply in what time is better? I know you all have a special liking to face film, every time you apply face film fantasy, apply the mask must be super good skin. Let the mask manufacturers to say with you once, mask when to apply to our skin ok

I know you all have a special liking to the mask, can't help fantasy, every time you apply face film apply the mask must be super good skin.

but, actual effect is always unsatisfactory, as if you apply a mask film, may be that your time is not right.

want to skin is very good, listen to my words, mask must choose the following two time apply the

the shower apply

when showering pore will open because of the effect of water vapor, skin metabolites can be eduction body with sweat, washes the bath, after a short period of time, still in a state of open pores.

choose at this time apply face film, film of face of the nutrients will be absorbed by the composition of pore, so that the active ingredients to the limit!

follicular phase apply

you might be in the follicular phase a little familiar, follicular phase is actually we stop that day, my aunt to ovulation, the time of the end.

this period of estrogen and progesterone in the blood, the level gradually picks up, speed up metabolism, skin absorption capacity is the strongest.

choose apply face film at this time, often can have twice the result with half the effort, don't understand the follicular phase is okay, remember to apply the aunt.

but some goblins are very lazy, washes the bath is tired and sleepy, literally tear off mask a stick, straight run to go to bed, more exaggerated is directly to sleep, woke up to find yourself in the middle of the night with the mask. 。 。

very not easy to skin, the bottom pour, white have

in this case, that I wouldn't recommend these lazy late carcinoma of goblins or curse their wallets to buy patch mask, because I feel sleep mask is more suitable for you.

as poor as patch mask nutrition, can both moisturizing locking water, and can repair the skin skin barrier.

more to the point is that it is super for lazy carcinoma baby, besmear after 1 - 2 minutes to absorb good directly lying on the bed to sleep, save a lot of time, and the next day the skin superior Q play!

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