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Combination skin is difficult to maintain, what should I do if the skin is oily and dry inside in summer?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-03

   Many people say that mixed skin is difficult to maintain. It is true that the T-zone is severely oily and the cheeks are dry, making it difficult for people to choose OEM skin care products. When encountering the high temperature in summer, the skin's outer oily inner feeling becomes the pregnant mother of this type of skin. Our big troubles, how can we solve this skin problem?

  Before choosing OEM cosmetics for pregnant women, pregnant mothers must first reflect on the core reasons for skin oily and internal dryness. Generally speaking, if only the skin care products with larger molecules and more oil are selected, the skin cannot absorb it, thereby increasing the activity of the skin's oil glands and inducing a large amount of oil secretion, then it is generally not accompanied by the skin. Dry, floating powder situation. The skin care specialist during pregnancy pointed out that the external oil and internal dryness are actually the performance of the skin's thirst to the limit. If such pregnant mothers want to improve the conformability of their makeup, they must first do a gentle cleansing of dead cutin, grease and dirt, and then moisturize deeply to alleviate the symptoms of skin thirst.

  How to do a gentle cleansing of the skin?

  It is a commonplace not to choose products that are too effective when you are pregnant in October. during pregnancy, if you want to clean your skin gently, you must not only choose cleansing products that contain natural ingredients, but also pay attention to the scientific combination of selective skin care products. Such as its soy milk nourishing facial cleanser, which is rich in soy isoflavones, soy lecithin, hydrolyzed soy protein and other nourishing factors, which can dissolve the oil and dirt on the skin surface, clean the skin pores through circular massage, and keep the skin moist and clear . In addition, if it can be used with one or two exfoliation treatments a week, it will help to remove the old cuticles, promote the production of new cuticles, improve skin absorption, and prepare for subsequent hydration and moisture retention.

   moisturizing facial mask exerts its beautiful membrane power

   The skin care specialist during pregnancy believes that if the skin appears oily and dry inside, it must be started from the perspective of hydration to achieve 360-degree moisturization of the skin. But if you want to better create a natural and transparent makeup in a short period of time, pregnant mothers must learn how to use a moisturizing facial mask to exert a beautiful mask on the skin. For example, after cleansing the face, stick a soy milk silk mask to help soften the skin's stratum corneum, penetrate the skin deeply, and increase the skin's moisture content. Take it off after 10 minutes, and choose whether to clean it with water according to the skin's current condition (sticky or refreshing). Then use toner for primer and makeup, you can find that the makeup feels more compliant and natural, and the durability will be correspondingly extended.

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