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Common sense of cosmetics: how to use facial mask to add food to the skin?

by:Zanyu     2021-05-07
The authoritative organization researched and concluded that the skin crisis caused by poor care often manifested as: facial spots, acne, blackheads, fine lines deepened, dullness, and accelerated aging. Most facial masks on the market are still effective in common symptoms, but they are often stretched to cope with residuals before sleep, which makes women's appearance prone to ageing. So we have to take care of the skin, how should we take care of the skin? Professionals from facial mask oem manufacturers told us that we should use a facial mask to care for the skin. How should the mask take care of the skin? The OEM skin care of the facial mask is a snack, but the content of the snack is different, just like fruit supplementing vitamins, chocolate is a healthy calorie, and soups are mostly collagen. Therefore, the mask also needs to be replaced constantly due to different effects. Now, the more advanced theory than replacement is superposition.  The meaning of overlaying masks couldn't be simpler. That is, after busy work, we want to give more and better care to the same hard skin, so we feel that there is nothing; or considering that there is no fixed time to take care of it every day, we hope to squeeze a little Time comes for a full recuperation. Then we must understand the principle of superposition. 1. Clean and moisturize to deal with the beginning of dry and hot weather. We can already feel the damage of hot air and hot sunlight to the skin. Floating matter in the air is a major source of pollution. Sweat and oil during sweating will make these pollution sources easier. The ground gets on the face, hides in the pores, and possibly removes makeup and replenishes powder, which makes the pores more burdened. 2. Clean and whiten, suitable for super long outdoors. If you stay outdoors in early summer for a long time, even if the sun protection is in place, it is difficult to block 100% of the sun damage from the skin, and the residual temperature of the sun on the face will still be for a while It will continue to cause internal injuries to the skin within a short period of time. Therefore, the cleaning at this time is not only to wash away foreign dirt and autologous secretions, but also to remove residual heat and return the skin to a normal temperature.   At this time, the cleansing mask does not need a mud type, but is the best one with a high water content and a deep cleansing function that softens the keratin. During the dressing process, the moisture of the mask cools the skin and the cleansing effect is more gentle. After that, use a whitening mask (such as Yaxin Anna Whitening and Moisturizing Set) to repair sun damage, which is first aid and brightens skin tone. Yaxin Anna Whitening u0026 Moisturizing Set   3. Moisturizing and whitening, enhancing the whitening effect     We all recognize that even people with fair skin, even if they take good sun protection every day, their skin will be darker in summer and be damaged by the sun. At this time, regular whitening care is needed to improve. And if you want whitening to be effective, it is necessary to replenish water at the same time.  Because whitening ingredients need to be metabolized to take away melanin when they are effective, and they also need to strengthen the skin's anti-ultraviolet ability. Both of these need the support of water, which is the circulation carrier inside and the skin shield outside.   What's more, if the skin is already dark, only the radiance that moisture brings to the skin can upgrade this dark to a healthy wheat complexion, making you look beautiful and moisturized. So use a moisturizing mask first, and then a whitening mask, the skin will be as satisfying as quenching thirst and then hunger. TIPS: In these cases, do not use the mask    1. Naturally sensitive skin. Sensitive muscles are actually a bit neurotic. You don't even know what makes it happen. You think it's good for it, but it's actually a heavy burden. So don't toss it too much.   2. Skin that has just been exposed to inflammation. At this time, the skin is fragile, that is, the acquired sensitive muscles. Do nothing except moisturize. When the redness and itch subsides, clean and whiten again.  3. I just had horny skin in the past. Exfoliating will make the most delicate skin the outermost layer. At this time, it is not absolutely strong and can accept all kinds of nutrients. It is easy to be supported. It is better to rely on less for nourishment and let it be strong by self-metabolism. stand up.
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