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Common skin types-combination skin care steps

by:Zanyu     2021-06-11

  Combination skin is a relatively complex one among many skin types, but it is also a relatively common skin type among the population. It is divided into two types: simple combination and complex combination. Simple mixed skin refers to the T word The area is slightly oily, while the cheeks are a bit dry; complex mixed skin refers to the very oily T area or frequent acne outbreaks. How to care for mixed skin?

  1. Determine whether you belong to combination skin

   Combination skin has the characteristics of dry skin and oily skin, and the T zone shows Oily, other parts are relatively dry, mixed skin cheeks and lips are dry, while the forehead and nose are oily, the lower forehead often has small acne, and the pores are relatively thick.

  Combination skin care step 1: Clean

  Cleaning is the beginning of daily skin care, and it is inevitable to avoid it once in the morning and evening. Combination skin should pay attention to avoid foaming when choosing facial cleanser. , Wash the oily area more than once, and make your cheeks softer.

  Combination skin care step 2: Exfoliating

   Two cuts are a point that many MMs tend to overlook in OEM skin care steps, just know that they are constantly on the face Applying on top and smearing, but not much effect, this is because the stratum corneum on the face is too thick, which affects the absorption, and the combination skin exfoliates the keratin once a week, the T zone and chin are more oily, while the cheek skin is relatively Fragile, exfoliating should start from the T zone and chin.

  Combination skin care step 3: Toner

  Toner should be used at least twice a day. The cotton pad can achieve a uniform and comprehensive effect. If the nose is oily, you can put the cotton pad on the nose after applying toner and remove it after drying. The oil control effect is very good.

  Combination OEM skin care step 4: Emulsion

   Many mixed skins are afraid to use lotion because of facial oil, but in fact, lotion is the key to moisturizing and controlling oil. You should choose when choosing lotion With moisturizing and oil control effects, it can help regulate the skin's water and oil balance. It is recommended for pregnant mothers to use rice moisturizing lotion, which is refreshing and non-greasy, moisturizing and nourishing.

  Combination OEM skin care step 5: Isolation protection

  This step is the second step compared to morning skin care. There are many factors that affect the skin, so use a barrier cream on the surface of the skin plus one A protective layer to isolate the environment and other damage to the skin. In addition, choose light-weight products to avoid putting too much burden on the skin.

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