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Correct mask skin care during pregnancy increases 10 times

by:Zanyu     2020-11-02

the cool autumn, osmanthus fragrance. The coming of autumn to pregnant woman skin is very easy to appear the symptom of dry desquamate, want to keep the water embellish skin, use mask for intensive hydrating is unavailable lazy oh. Apply face film for you pregnant mother are often operating OEM skin care program, if steps correctly can make facial mask effect improved 10 times! So, pregnant women use film of face of what brand is good? To master the following skills, apply face film can greatly improve the effect of the beauty of face film muscle. ,

a mask before using

for pregnant women, the choice of the mask is very critical, Yu Baobao based health, be sure to use special mask nature of pregnant women. Pregnant mother is better to choose soybean milk silk mask, rice silk mask and so on, contain a variety of natural nourishing ingredients, can inject large amounts of water for skin, multi-effect not stimulative, more suitable for pregnant women. Before apply face film, should first discharge makeup, wash your face, when necessary, also can go to the cutin, facilitate the absorption of facial mask, also avoid dirt, dust into the pores. Before washing a face, apply the soybean milk silk mask, can with hot wet towel apply is in facial ministry first three minutes, three to five minutes and then throughout the facial massage, improve the effect of apply face.

2, mask on

its soybean milk silk silk mask, facial mask and rice is invisible nature silk membrane cloth, designed for Asian women face engineering, 360 degree joint close skin. Nonetheless, apply face film, if use undeserved, air, or stick enough tight, will cause skin cream can't better deeper into the underlying skin. After pregnancy OEM skin care specialist said, as the mask, surface to air, and then adjust the mask. In addition, if there is a large number of surplus maintenance liquid film bag, can be conveniently the daub on the neck, nourish and neck skin.

3, the mask after use

mask coating after about 15 minutes, can use your fingers touch, if you don't feel sticky, can from the beginning of the film edge, bottom-up peel off slowly. In general, dry facial mask to make skin tightening, wrinkles, so to immediately remove the facial mask is dry, don't stay on the skin for a long time or for the night. Residue after remove the mask, apply a clean warm water will face wash, again with cold towel apply face for a moment, to encourage the pores contraction, after comparing with bean milk skin water and emulsion in time for the skin to do a good job of hydrating.

skin care during pregnancy, edible preferred makeup brand mask products. But the right mask, not reasonable use and waste, only in the way to get pregnant women OEM skin care effect of get twice the result with half the effort, instantaneous promotion effect of 10 times the muscle.

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