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Correct use of toner

Correct use of toner


Skin care problem 1: Is toner necessary?

Answer: The oil control toner can effectively remove excess oil on the face and adjust the skin's water and oil balance. However, it should be noted that the oil control toner is not suitable for long-term use. It is best to use it in the T area. Use oil-control toner during the day and moisturizing toner at night.


Skin Care Problem 2: Is the toner step optional?

Answer: Toner is very important for skin care. Toner can be used as further cleansing, to prevent oil and makeup residues on the skin, and to help absorption of the skin care products.


Skin care problem 3: Different season, different toner?

Answer: Yes. When the skin condition changes in different season, the toner should be alternately used. For example, astringent toner should be used in summer, moisturizing toner in winter, and whitening toner in autumn and spring.  


Skin Care Problem 4: Is spray toner more effective than regular toner?

Answer: Actually it is not. It depends on whether the moisturizing factor is added to the toner. However, if the spray toner contains only mineral water, it can only be used to calm and soothe the skin.  


Skin Care Problem 5: Which is better, toner with alcohol or non-alcohol?

Answer: A toner containing alcohol can remove the oil and dirt from the skin, but it will cause more damage to the skin. The non-alcohol toner will be non-irritating to the skin and suitable for any skin.


Skin Care Problem 6: Is it better to use a toner with a hand pad than a cotton pad?

Answer: Use toner with hand can help the skin absorb the nutrients of the toner better, but it can not take care of every inch of skin. With a cotton pad, it can take care of every corner of the skin, and can reach the residues.

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