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Cosmetics adverse reactions caused by what?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-04

most of the guys on mercury, lead, arsenic is inadequate, look at that time, the selection of cosmetics seems to be attracted by the surface of the beautiful OEM cosmetics focus, did not notice it real substance. In addition also has such as additive, melanin, spices and heavy metals, can cause adverse reactions. So cosmetic adverse reactions caused by what?

cosmetic ingredient contains some unique preservative. cause poisoning or adverse reactions to the real culprit is, such as heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic

1. Can also add some ingredients, some cosmetics causing irritation, main show is the skin redness, burning discomfort.

2。 Allergy symptoms, such as is used for a couple of days later, skin redness, some small pimples, and edema;

3。 According to the skin into the body after digestion and absorption, appear a series of system software.

general protect skin to taste, add spices, preservatives and pigment or sensitization.

in the same way, the quality of the basic ingredients such as OEM skin care products used in the oil, if not good, also not easy to be absorbed by human body skin, easy to cause acne and dermatitis.

protect skin to taste is different from general cosmetics and medicine because of its less or no flavor, preservatives, use the difficult sensitization or preservatives, relative security is higher, more strict production process, after some clinical investigation of many products listed before. In addition, medical use protect skin to taste is suitable for sensitive skin.

normal OEM skin care products, raw materials or products, are in accordance with national, industry or enterprise standards for production, also will pass strict inspection. The above situation, only a few users of skin sensitive response can only be seen, it is generally not a problem. If the ears after the trial, no allergic reactions, please feel free to use it.

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