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Cosmetics and skincare products often want to change?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-02

to protect skin to taste is not often can change is multitudinously likes women are a focus of attention. Because some people use a brand of skin care products for a period of time, but it was not skin care effect, so want to change skin care products; While others are just see a love one, very anxious to buy back in her dresser. What the hell can often protect skin to taste? How long, how to want to change change?

a brand to protect skin to taste actually exactly how long it can continue to use this also has been done strictly scientific contrast observation, but from some clinical experience, if you want to use a regular conscience brand protect skin to taste, that suggest that can use it as a set.

however, protect skin to taste, if want to change how long in a more appropriate?

in general, the same brand of a set of OEM skin care products can be replaced with almost a year or so, of course, can also be a few months will be replaced. So that your skin will not produce & quot; Dependence & quot; Don't think there is no effect. But often found other things unused water after use. This time no need to change all can change, start with the same item is better is cross use of old and new products make the skin have a ability to adapt to.

what should change first, after what should change, how to change?

in general, from outside to inside, step by step is the secret of in skin care products. Wash a face with makeup products and toner is mainly used to clean the skin, therefore belongs to the outside, in comparing easy; Whitening liquid, eye cream is mainly used for maintenance, are inside. And these products belong to the product effect, need to use for a long time to see the effect, so don't use for a few days or a month feel doesn't work, began to be impatient wanted to replace.

change when peripheral to protect skin to taste, can in the morning with a new brand, in the evening with an old brand, make the skin has a process of gradually. If used for a period of time, feel the skin and no discomfort and really have the effect, can be completely with a new brand of skin care products. In addition, the replacement of the brand, not a complete set of to change, easy to stimulate the skin.

actually often protect skin to taste is not necessary to change, unless in the OEM skin care products have failed to keep pace with the effect of your needs. Such as increased with age, the skin will be asked to replace function stronger signal, then you can try to change others, perhaps can find a more suitable for you. But also don't be so frequent change, if change for a long time to protect skin to taste, the skin will accept no, it is easy to cause allergies!

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