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Cosmetics co-packer tell you: how to calculate the cost of processing cosmetics

by:Zanyu     2020-09-25
Cosmetics co-packer tell you: how to calculate the cost a lot of brands of cosmetics generation processing friend at the beginning of the contact cosmetics factory, one of the most concerned problem is the cosmetics processing and how much is the fee? As processing experience has 20 s of the bud, cosmetics factory, this is not a hard question to answer, in fact, the processing fee is influenced by multiple factors, in simple terms, cosmetics processing fee = + packaging material ( Within the packaging + outsourcing material) + artificial cost, minimum quantity. The following detailed said the factors influencing the cosmetics processing costs. Within the page processing, cosmetics, material quality must first clear generation processing to the product positioning and sales channel. Is such as professional line of cosmetics or cosmetic line of cosmetics. The product cosmetic line generally ZouDian channel, wechat business channels, professional line of products is in view of the beauty salon, positioning, for the product quality requirements are different. General cosmetic line of products within the price will be lower, professional line of products within the required material price is relatively high. Second, there are two kinds of packaging material quality packaging materials, packaging materials and outsourcing material, packaging material in general is glass bottle, plastic bottle, hose, etc. , the outsourcing material is usually pallets. Customers can also provide their own internal and external packaging, only need to cosmetics contract generation processing production within the material and then filling and packaging. Three, minimum quantity, generation of processing orders or number of packaging materials, involves a minimum quantity problem, large quantity can save labor costs, reduce the mechanical consumption cost, so the processing quantity is little words the price is relatively high some. If cosmetics generation processing order is bigger, foundries tend to offer certain discount. Four, cosmetics and other machining cost factory location services, product inspection fee, registration fee, etc. Another is the customer choice of processing ways, some mature formula brands should bring along their own products, whether this will involve factory need to order the raw material, time cost will increase, cosmetics that can affect the generation processing fees. The page processing, cosmetics, conclusion: there are many factors that can affect the machining cost of makeup, can't from the two aspects to decide, more is to consider integratedly, Mr Page processing, cosmetics, suggest you go to the cosmetics field visit processing factory, will have a clear understanding of. Guangzhou Mr Page generation of processing a wide range, including skin care products OEM processing, face film, OEM cosmetics, skin processing, products generation processing, etc.
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