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Cosmetics factory tell you: why do you want to check the record?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-04
OEM cosmetics manufacturer tell you: why do you want to check the record? China's cosmetics market to expand year by year, every year there are all kinds of cosmetics rushed, cosmetics market also appear all sorts of chaos, to that end, countries are also out of the governance policies to clean up the cosmetics market, cosmetics for the record is an important decision. When cosmetic stores, wechat business, electricity and other commissioned processing, factory why sending cosmetics inspection record? What are the consequences of no inspection record of cosmetics? Mr Page, a cosmetics plant. Cosmetics: why do you want to test? According to the state food and drug administration issued 'on the declared national special use cosmetics filing inspection information notice' pointed out that applying for the recordation of the product information, need to fill in information of product inspection institution and inspection report, to be successful through the record must be sent to the sample of the first inspection and provide inspection report, there is no test report will not be accepted to apply for. Cosmetics for record checked all need what projects? Typically microorganism inspection, sanitary chemistry test, PH value determination, toxicological safety human trials, human security and function test. The test of time is in commonly 2 - For four months. Second, the cosmetics: why do you want to record? The state food and drug administration make clear a regulation, the special use cosmetics must be in the provincial food and drug administration for the record on the Internet. There are many manufacturers in product inspection, product registration without through generous production, in the process of inspection for the record, if need to adjust or modify the product related issues, and the factory in the production of large quantities of or has been produced, bring a lot of trouble for the subsequent work. ( 1) Lose honesty, facing closure was commissioned machining cosmetics manufacturer if there is no test the product for the record, the customer is only temporary, short of profits, lost as the manufacturer of the some enterprises integrity, facing bankruptcy is indisputable. ( 2) Production is investigated, confiscated for not to register or registration information on the Internet is not real belong to illegal production, the factory will be stop factory for investigation. The production of cosmetics as does not conform to the stipulations of the national industry products, all illegal products, and to investigate and punish all confiscated. ( 3) Income confiscated and sentenced to a punishment for not filing of cosmetics for sale on the Internet, such as cosmetic stores, wechat business, such as electricity, food and drug supervision and administration department will all confiscate the illegal income, illegal operation of cosmetics, the serious will be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more. ( 4) To report complaints against claims for the product without inspection record sale businesses, consumers may be sued in the cosmetics supervision platform to report complaints or claim the businessman, consumer after use any adverse symptoms, are referred to the merchants, serious case will be sentenced to a punishment. The bud, is a special cosmetic application need material are: 1. 2 samples and specifications. Product ingredient in table 3. The production process technology in figure 4. Business license for five. 6 production license. Sample inspection report for the combination of complete sets of products apply for archival filing, the applicant requires a single record for each product. For product has been put on record but stop production, can apply for registration cancellation, if has shut down, but the market still has a circulation suggest no cancellation, but should take the initiative to inform the original record of the provincial food and drug supervision department no longer manufacture the product.
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