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Cosmetics for filing process

by:Zanyu     2020-11-23

cosmetics processing customers know, OEM cosmetics production is the need for product for the record, many customers do not understand why to put on record, and record the feeling is too trouble. Why OEM cosmetics processing for the record? Because there were no specification before the law, because of lax supervision, cosmetics brand often exaggerated effect, such as excessive packaging way to induce consumers; And some illegal businessmen to add some illegal violation component to the product of the illegal violation composition, words can quickly reach cosmetic purposes, but great harm the skin, so the state food and drug administration regulation to regulate management, put an end to this kind of thing from happening.

for record purpose is to eliminate and specification processing manufacturers and merchants of cosmetics, it is good for foundries, brands and consumers, not only the behavior of the regulated industry, brand business, also for consumers' rights and interests protection. How to put on record that cosmetics? Here we tell you cosmetics manufacturer.

1, ready to packaging material sample, at the same time ready to material, packaging material filling with prepared. Send inspection to the inspection center, the test items are not nine, heavy metals ( Mercury, brazing, arsenic, cadmium) And the five microorganisms. This is the provisions of the state, any product must have the third party inspection report.

is 7-2, general testing centers 10 working, test report, because with the test center is a long-term cooperation, so can keep each other informed 3 working days to check the report, with detection, can the state food and drug administration on site to do online registration. Now for the record to a test number to upload data for the record on the Internet.

3, online registration is divided into two parts, by the client account to upload the data, by the consignor's district, city, province, three level audit, audit contents, text and test report (including packaging So be sure to first inspection, upload test) 。 The delegate if approved, the website will have the record product display, indicates the record through the online. If there is something wrong with the audit, suggests that there are places to be modified. General review time is 7 - Ten working days, because the record number in guangzhou, may extend the time. Just at this time the client approval, association is the principal ( Is the manufacturer) , also is the area of level 3, usually is the same time.

4, this step is for the record by the online inspection report also got the original, need both to their respective local food and drug administration to do on-site audit, is the product with the original packaging, product information to the respective area, food and drug administration to the food and drug administration staff on-site audit data we will be ready. For the record by the online at the same time, the outer packing of copy no problem, this time you can notice packaging materials packaging materials factory do big goods, also can begin to do the material body. The scene for the record, such as packaging material here, can filling and production shipment. This is the regulations of the state, go through the process of OEM cosmetics production.

customer feel too much trouble about products for the record, they don't have to worry about, our cosmetics manufacturers to provide processing and OEM/ODM one-stop service, free for the customer to product design, for the record, etc. , for the record of high efficiency, fast, customer don't have to worry about all the way, focus on product marketing.

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