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Cosmetics for the record, will encounter what problem? ( The fixation)

by:Zanyu     2020-12-04

6 approval documents, cosmetics can apply for yourself?

cosmetics is a timeliness fast pin product, it is very important to take time to market, in recent years, increasingly strict OEM cosmetics for examination and approval of the approval documents, process more complicated, even today, imported cosmetics for record has become a professional, highly technical work, not just any agent, can undertake any number of mistake, a mistake on the outer packing of the translation of the English word can contribute to the product through the record.

would you like to do cosmetics, or find a professional OEM cosmetics generation of processing factory - Hebei anzheng pharmaceutical, already have cosmetics license, production can be directly, save a lot of trouble.

7, on animal experiments

Europe and the United States cosmetics often marked ban on animal experiments, however our country laws and regulations are still required for animal studies, therefore, ban on animal products can not be filed in China.

in addition to the SPF sunscreen products and PA test reports, other foreign test reports are not fda acknowledged that must be conducted in the food and drug administration approved inspection agencies to detect.

9, is there anything else that need special attention?

( 1) Formula, packing must be determined before inspection, the general case both cannot be modified after inspection, this means that if the wrong formula the packing, inspection fees may be white.

( 2) Authorization is very important, make sure not to myself to do it, please made by our technical teacher after signing a contract to PDF and then to be notarized.

( 3) Declare the importance of self-evident responsibility unit in China, please choose carefully, generally for reliable general agent or distributor, if you are not the right choice, of course, can also be specified as my company in China to declare responsibility unit ( Need to collect licensing fees) 。

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