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Cosmetics generation process, you have to know those things!

by:Zanyu     2020-10-21
For the first time you do cosmetics generation processing, must first understand how to entrust manufacturer to do the processing cosmetics and toiletries generation of processing the correct order. The manufacturer of general they are how to do? Since then let small make up is introduced. Cosmetics a generation of processing. Want to do business negotiation for cosmetics and processing business customers, never choose a company or factory direct production, as we like to buy things, all need to shop around, find that again we think cost-effective to buy. When we find some cosmetics generation of processing plant, must first understand the enterprise business scope, field trips, by contrast, certain manufacturer, communication of various matters. The processing for cosmetics manufacturers must choose regular professional qualified manufacturers, products can be guaranteed. two Brand and product positioning when various matters after all negotiation, the manufacturer will help customers according to the customer's sales channels and facing the target consumer groups to brand planning and product positioning, product in the face of what kind of consumer groups, this group is more concerned about which point of the product and so on. 3. Company and trademark registration sales cosmetics must have country of relevant qualifications. If there is no registered company and trademark customers, manufacturers will help customers registered company and registered trademark. If it is already have registered company customers, manufacturers will also help customers registered trademarks, whether very good services? Four. Formula proofing customers, if it is already have recipe formulation or samples can be directly to the factory, the factory will formula with test, then by manufacturer according to demand adjustment upgrade or copy version changes and other follow-up work issues. If there is no formula or samples of customers, the manufacturer will provide samples, according to the customer demand for manufacturers to provide samples, be sure to know in the sample composition and content, for uncertainty component content in the sample is in compliance with national standards, can be required to provide formula or inspection report and other relevant certificates. For formula or provide samples are not satisfied, can ask to manufacturer to replace or adjust. Five. Sample after confirmation on the sample test or close test, choose satisfactory products, manufacturers will be to test samples, ensure that the sample accords with national production standards, and provide the relevant certificates. Six. Good packaging design ensure that raw material purchasing products, little of course not wear a suit to the products, packing also is very important one link, the manufacturer will help customers to planning and design, product packaging for practical must pay attention to packaging, from the appearance, capacity, quality key to start. For the different features of the product can ask to design different packaging, in order to highlight the selling points and features of different products. Packing samples produced after felt the need to adjust, can ask the manufacturer to adjust according to the demand change, until the packing samples. Product packaging design and raw materials procurement, generally can be divided into four ways, is a kind of customer design packaging themselves purchase raw material, is a kind of customer design packaging by manufacturer to purchase raw material, is a manufacturer to design packaging customers to purchase raw material, is a manufacturer of packaging design, purchasing raw materials manufacturer. Customers to purchase, is generally not recommended, one is the customer does not understand inline price, possible by pit. Second, customers don't know when the merits of the raw materials, for the subsequent cosmetics production. Assist purchasing of raw materials, can save a lot of trouble, have their own long-term cooperation and stable high-quality raw material suppliers, to avoid the market price ups and downs, shoddy, customers don't know what to choose which to purchase. From the choice of products and packaging to the selection of raw materials, they are very professional. Seven. Product inspection record, manufacturer will confirm production samples produced and sent to test, for the product for the record, product inspection, for the record after mass production, to ensure foolproof. Eight. Filling packaging manufacturer screens, packaging materials, packaging materials for all products, I will clean disinfection, filling, packing, packing, delivery and provide each process index record data. All inspection rate was 100%. Nine. Packaging the arrival of the goods inspection after the production factory will provide customers with products storage and transportation service, for customers to solve trouble back at home. After outbound products, factory will product sales and customer for long-term tracking guidance, solve sales terminal problem for the customer.
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