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Cosmetics generation processing: do you know this skin care tips?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-21
1, alternating hot and cold water washs a face is not suitable for everyone. If your skin tolerance level is good, and no other problems, Such as sensitive, red blood silk, acne, inflammation) , maybe you can use this method. So make red blood silk and sensitive problem is more serious. Normally, I suggest that wash a face with warm water. Oily skin people face less time not less than 3 minutes. 2, rub with salt, black head? 停止它! Myth that rubbed with salt black will work. This use is actually the hardness of salt and cutin, to clean skin, reduce black. But the salt was hard and sharp edges and corners, make corneous layer is too thin and easily lead to sensitive skin, red blood silk. Let's change the way! Once a week or two, with xu eu hall nanometer pearl powder with water to rub black area, then add it into the cleanser in the morning and evening use, black head will reduce until disappear naturally. 3, regardless of the copycat is very dangerous! Everyone's skin is different, so using the product, the method is different. Because many people do not understand the basic principles of skin care, look at the others use what oneself how to do, if the result is not lost. So, still take the time to learn the basic knowledge of the skin care! 4 an equally terrible, excessive skin care and skin care: seen face wash 6 times a day; Seen but doesn't make up every day use discharge makeup oil; Dear, don't overdo again! The simplest way is bleaching actually, but the face is the meat long, is not a piece of paper says drift can drift, unless at the expense of the health. Removing and whitening, and inside fire, go blain to imprint, is not short time can be effective, if someone recommend to you a make you a night in the dramatic change of the product, or is cheat you of money, is either can damage your health. 6, within the exterior harmonic are equally important. Many people only care about external care, and don't care about the tone. Actually the skin's outer beauty is a reflection of inner health, one of the many problems are not protect skin to taste can thoroughly solve the problem of single, so. 。 。 Eyebrow in the United States, pay attention to rest, health, nutrition, which can make the money you save a lot of expensive skin care products. 7, the priority of the attention to the problem of dealing with the skin: if you are sensitive, blackhead, acne, blain to imprint, color of skin dark heavy these problems, you should first deal with what problem? Remember: with the skin health is the most close that is the question about which should be the primary processing. Primary treatment is sensitive, make the skin recover and calm, and then pay attention to clean, containment, acne will be much better, and then go blain to imprint, the last is white. Blain blain will become more severe. 8, as far as possible do not besmear too many things on the face. Cold saw some beautiful eyebrow old hair blain blain, so ask for details of their skin care methods, the results show that what they painted on the face how seven or eight layer, day after day and ceaseless, mental commendable! 9, do beauty should pay attention to: some informal beauty salon in order to make you see results quickly and satisfaction to them, will adopt the method of exfoliating skin type, it is mainly to cutin, remove the old skin for skin, as if in their 'care' has rapidly 'as a baby's tender skin', actually your nightmare is just beginning. Skin is damaged, the problem behind. So, don't give beauty salon you desperately want to be beautiful feeling, ) 10, big not necessarily good: for example, a British brand of a eye gel, was acclaimed, actually is only reactive power without also. Pay more attention to some good and cheap goods brand! 11, make-up or use less as far as possible. The consequences would say. Natural skin care, beauty of science, this is ice cold consistent view. Only make the skin fully play to its own energy, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of skin, how do you say whitewash doesn't make the skin better. 12, pay attention to the allergy tests. Seen too many people picked up just to face paint directly, the results get face red, urticant, rash or swollen. The love of beauty, understandable, but safety first, do not forget. Because each person is likely to be allergic to certain substances, so it is important to note that for testing. Although said to protect skin to taste to sex is zero percentage, but if you met, is 100% for you!
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