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Cosmetics generation processing: face film OEM industry the new standard is what

by:Zanyu     2020-09-26
Cosmetics generation processing: face film what is the new standard OEM cosmetics industry generation processing industry introduced five new standard cosmetic industry. Among them, the mask OEM generation of processing will implement new standard QB/T 2872 - QB/T 2872-2017, the old standards 2007 will load history no longer use. The new industry standard in 2017. 10. 1 formal implementation. Cosmetics generation processing industry as well as the market changes very quickly, such as the mask OEM would be a different type of products, using different material composition, a new function of face film products. So, for the past old standards, have already can't meet the demand of current market specification, therefore, the emergence of new rules and new standards is necessary. Cosmetics generation processing: face film OEM new revised standard, the content of the change is mainly in the following aspects: 1, modified the mask of the English name 2, changed the scope of 3, increase the GB/T 22731 normative reference file 4, modified the cosmetics hygienic practice 5, added to the mask terms and definitions of 6, modified plastic forming face makeup of terms and definitions, increased the mud paste mask 7 categories, terms and definitions of 8, 9 increased the demand for packaging materials, carrier, increased the demand for use of talc powder raw material 10, increased demand for using the essence of 11, increases the surface film 12 to the requirement of heat resistance, cold-resistant, modify the cold temperature index of 13, increases the net content of sticker labelling the generation of processing the five new standards, cosmetics OEM generation of processing of face film, there are larger changes, for some of the new term, new regulations to increase adjustment, at the same time, for the generation of processing, mask OEM of cosmetics used in packaging materials, the carrier, and raw material ingredients: talcum powder, essence and so on all has made the new adjustment. The new standard, more effective processing specification cosmetics, facial mask OEM market environment, and more effectively ensured the rights and interests of consumers. The emergence of the new standard and prompted the processing cosmetics packaging, face film OEM materials business change, such as inventory, change of production and so on.
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