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Cosmetics generation processing production for the record by not old?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-21
To help customers processing cosmetics manufacturers or do your own brand cosmetics, will face a common problem, for the record the old? This is how to return a responsibility? Every upload audit are different problems, exactly when it's time to have? Had not and cannot sell, my! Don't be afraid, the processing cosmetics manufacturers to teach you, quick to put on record through! As the saying goes, the mutant ever victorious! For the record, too! Basic knowledge of the record you don't know how, how fast is technique problem, can have is the basic problem. The following are some common problems: 1, box for the record need to write the cosmetics cosmetics considerations? A: yes, attention must mark and warning message in Chinese, and storage conditions that could satisfy the requirement of shelf life and safety, etc. 2: foreign entrust domestic registered by merchants and the entrusted business, can also write a brands? Answer: can 3: cosmetic product composition does not change the packing, you need to do quality inspection report and record? A: don't test, to change. 4: market regulation, check the product label is not qualified, because the product labeling not detect preservatives, asked to check out the preservatives are not marked, we want to change the label according to the requirements of market regulation, to check out the preservatives are deleted to record? Answer: need to note 5: cosmetics production license is revoked in the cosmetics can also continue to sell it, for the record valid? Answer: invalid, illegal record needs to have a brand for the production and operating manufacturing, production qualification and product specific information and test report, the easiest way is that you want the brand, the best material is provided by the processing cosmetics manufacturers, to register the trademark of a good company and brand, the other is the processing to the cosmetics manufacturers, manufacturers are the record of professionals, to be successful in the shortest time for the record. If it is a processing, to get best detection information to manufacturer, no banned substances are generally very easily.
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