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Cosmetics manufacturer to tell you: 'cosmetics branded' goods

by:Zanyu     2020-11-27

China is the world's second largest OEM cosmetics sales market, and also brings together the world's most cosmetics factory. Many international well-known cosmetics brand in order to reduce the production cost and the most rapid preempted China cosmetics market, are looking for China's domestic OEM cosmetics processing plants. I can tell you a 10 - 20 yuan/piece of facial mask may cost a is less than 5 yuan? If mass production, the cost may be lower.

if all cosmetics brand is stick a card?

most of the yes. Even have their own factories, some of the things will be out to contract.

every cosmetics brand has a lot of series, different series may be produced by different cosmetics factory. The following brands and suppliers have cooperation.

, not simply from the contract cannot derive any conclusions, after all this is being adopted widely in cosmetics industry production organization form, is becoming more and more become a trend. Standing in the business point of view, the expansion of production capacity always lags behind the growth in sales. No matter how big the brand, there are always some category is not good at, others can do better, or thin profits, and everyone can do.

as long as the brand research and development of the control in your hand, do a good job in supervision and quality control, some production outsourcing is entirely reasonable. But as a consumer, know their own makeup is so produced, all of a sudden they don't have a mystery, the original brand and small brands that are coming out of a factory, hard to avoid feel spent money! What's more, there are some not good contract.

we are a collection of r &d, production and sales as one of professional cosmetics processing enterprises, be subordinate to belongs to group of Hong Kong li hao, designed for cosmetics brands to provide processing platform, to provide the international cosmetics business consulting project cooperation, to provide customers with comprehensive, personalized OEM/ODM services, to help customers in the electricity business channels, channels, professional line of cosmetic line, large chain channel such as to build a high quality, high-tech cutting-edge brand.

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