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Cosmetics manufacturers: assess tips spectrum

by:Zanyu     2020-11-27

to consider their own OEM cosmetics OEM request, the first step is to choose the right OEM cosmetics manufacturers. A OEM cosmetics manufacturers, with the overall strength be able to deal with the primary source for the processing OEM customers. Now, then, discuss some tips for evaluation of skincare.


a good cleanser is in hand, is generally water, no greasy feeling. Clean the skin cleanser bubbles, the greater the ability to work.


good lotion if hard shake, shake after watching a bubble. Bubble is very little, it shows that less nutrient elements. Bubble is more big, it shows that with salicylic acid. Facial cleaning effect is good, but stimulate skin allergy easily. Many fine bubbles, and quickly subsided, suggests that soft. Don't have to be long-term application, very easy to damage the skin of the original film. Colorful bubbles is meticulous, has a very thick layer, and did not disappear for a long time, it is a good water.

cost-effective to protect skin to taste soft taste. Not very good lotion application when relaxed feeling, smelling the some alcohol flavor. Make up water often color commonly, if improper storage address, often by the sun point-blank or storage time is too long, color becomes shallow. Right and wrong skin water bottle full transparent, absolutely don't have to buy, because can't identify.


smell the emulsion flavor, if more salty, nature, that is a good emulsion; If have strong spices flavor, very irritating, so watch out it can damage your skin.

in advance to prepare a cup of cold water, take a little bit of emulsion in water, emulsion group that is at the beginning, mixing with neat wooden chopsticks, then observed. If the emulsion dissolved water, no residue, which indicates that is a good emulsion; If there are a lot of debris floating in the water that is not the safety of the emulsion, this article applied in facial ministry will block the pores of the skin.


cream burning if there is a black residue, that contains a variety of additives, the more the more black residue additives. Conforming cream would like milk boiling formation of the state, taste won't change, and more intense. If have splash, burning smoke, taste become Moscow, after burning ladle bottom residual oil, mineral oil paint or boride filling.

moisturizing products, many of them are made from mineral oil, apply them onto the paper, wipe off excess in a minute, if wet paper will be wrinkled, you'll find that if is mineral oil system that is transparent!

can also take products to squeeze into the iron spoon, and then the fire to heat, if contain mineral oil, the oil will come out!

cream jars, if is good filling technology, texture meticulous finished, its surface will appear even smooth shape, there will be no big holes.

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