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Cosmetics manufacturers change revealed that the industry trend of electricity sales

by:Zanyu     2020-11-27

cosmetics manufacturers to become the butt of 'the most eye-catching'

in poly beautiful released a few days ago 'the world beauty makeup skincare brand DTC brokers report' in the opening, a photo caused a lot of concern and discussion, it is at this stage of FMCG bosses situation: clearly shows the market in the United States, come to DTC in 42 subdivision industry also suffered from sniper brand groups, bloody means 'the butt of the most eye-catching'.

according to our statistics, people can see the following trends: international brand influence is very strong, consumers already habitual online purchase cosmetics, big brand OEM cosmetics have been greatly improved. New forces and unpopular occupies a lot of market share, but not total, on the market share is growing steadily, and the most concerned about the local brand new forces.

and homebred brand situation is worrying, the market share has been corrosion, April only five brands into the plunged list, other gradually by extrusion, there has been no word from them appear on the list temporary. Similar dilemma to see, and in the United States market, in the past decade, China's chemical industry ten big brand's market share has fallen by half, natural scenery is not very brand, classification circle internalization of a new generation of brand quickly.

in fact, FMCG sales market all over the world, almost all the big enterprises are facing the four key challenges: radicals of work pressure of investors. In our country is to promote a new generation of brand assets, increase the level of fierce market competition, the fast development of the people were waiting for the new brand back see the assets of figure images. The transition of the consumer demand. Middle class strong spending power driving the high-end market, the standard sales market is accompanied by CS offline stores up the big advantage is the most significant area of the domestic product, the richest a generation of children grow up in recent years, Z contribute new powers.

how to attract customers in addition to attract a new generation of young consumers, has become well-known brands of key research, people will elaborate below this line. Just the threat of incoming. A new generation of brand already groups seek hegemony, Internet technology of ecological, DTC has become the characteristics of each other. E-commerce mode diversification, the dangers of social networking, change content operation. Now people can see clearly show that the layout of the OEM skin care products market in China: high-grade blinded by overseas brands hold, new success of Z consumer report on a new generation of 'cool' brand points out, 'sandwich layer' protect skin to taste local big companies became the most embarrassing entities.

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