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Cosmetics manufacturers how to ensure the quality of the product

by:Zanyu     2020-11-27

OEM cosmetics manufacturers are often customer asked: how is your factory product quality? If entrust your cosmetics production, quality inspection report and record of service? The answer is yes. Our is a set of perfect quality control mechanism, for many customers, they not only care about the cosmetics generation of processing costs, but also concerned about product quality and service level.

cosmetics generation process each link has a quality control!

a processing, qc all the

cosmetics generation process of link will have a quality inspection work. Every normal , will have a strict quality control mechanism, ensure the quality of cosmetics production. So, usually what are the quality control links?

1, packaging material inventory, check the packaging material to see if there is any breakage, the material is up to standard; processing raw materials before emulsification process, need to test, then ingredients.

2 before entering the cosmetics processing filling workshop, packaging material, need to make a thorough cleaning and disinfection, all need to check whether clean. Stay dry, and then to secondary sterilization. This one link, the bearing material body can greatly ensure the vessel will not cause secondary pollution, improve the quality of the product.

3 after cosmetics processing emulsification workshop production, raw materials, static, then chemical test, check whether the material body quality reach the standard processing. If meet the requirements, into filling workshop production operations.

4, reliable filling into packaging material, all products have to be full inspection, check whether the filling capacity is up to standard. After reaching the standard, the processing with the cosmetics line into the packing workshop.

5, cosmetics packaging, after the completion of the whole inspection, qualified after the finished goods inventory.

6, before delivery, cooperate with the cosmetics generation necessary sampling check processing customers, logistics delivery confirmation.

two processing, cosmetics manufacturers to provide quality inspection, for the record, such as one-stop service

in general, will provide one-stop processing services. Among them, from the beginning of the contract negotiation, just make sure the cooperation scheme, OEM cosmetics contracts signed agreement, basically, can do all the work. Of course, also including the product, product quality inspection report for the record registration etc.

the above steps, the processing are a qc work can be done in production. Of course, a production workshop and equipment is extremely important. For the rich nutrition on the other hand cream processing class to protect skin to taste, the purification degree is also very strict to the environment.

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