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Cosmetics OEM requirements

by:Zanyu     2020-11-24

popular OEM cosmetics manufacturers must have good reputation, qualified production qualification certificate is necessary. When choosing OEM cosmetics manufacturers processing,'s first concern is whether the manufacturer has a cosmetics business qualification, and whether the effective date of qualification for the moment, whether business scope is consistent with OEM cosmetics raw material, these are the primary focus of cooperation.

1。 What is a OEM OEM cosmetics?

a: OEM generation of processing ( 原始设备制造商) Is entrusted with the manufacturer's requirements and the authorization to the original factory, in accordance with the specific conditions and production. All the drawings are fully in accordance with the upstream manufacturers such as design for manufacturing processes. Simple understanding is packing material provided by the customer, we provide the corresponding formula of paste delivery of filling and packaging to the finished product, is the OEM

2. What is the ODM?

a: ODM processing refers to a manufacturer to design a product, in some cases may be targeted by other enterprises, with the brand name for production, or modify a little bit about the design to production, undertake design and manufacturing business of manufacturers, known as ODM manufacturer, its production of products is the ODM processing products. Is simple to understand the customer need to cooperate with all the way, from trademark registration, packaging design, product architecture, organization, and so on by our company to assist with all the way, is the ODM processing.

cosmetics OEM products from development to shipment general lead time need how long?

delivery cycle is not the same, different products mainly depends on the packaging material production cycle, generally 20 - such as mask production cycle Between 30 days, face film bag production need 20 days, synchronization can be carried out a small box encapsulation trunk of production, such as after the mask bag to factory under-burnt clinker, single filling, usually 3 - 5 days can be shipped, and the total time is about 25 days. Air cushion if do BB frost, air cushion packaging material production cycle is long, a 30 - 35 days, synchronization, also can undertake sponge, powder puff, stickers, paper box, tap, encapsulation, trunk, such as production, packaging material in place after under-burnt clinker, single filling, usually 3 - 5 days can be shipped, and the total time is 30 - 40 days. These do not include a company and brand registration Long a month, can be synchronized) , packaging design, The length 3 - 5 days) , sample trial and delivery time, Length, average of one word is a week or so) 。 For details, please specific consultation.

for now of all walks of life, good quick service are to judge the first standard of the enterprise. For cosmetics manufacturers is not exceptional also, do you have a good after-sales service follow-up caused the attention of the customer. Embodied in the cooperation after the end of the telephone pays a return visit to customers, and accept customer Suggestions and comments, in a timely manner to correct for discontent.

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