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Cosmetics OEM should manage from which aspect?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-29

as you know, don't say the nation, but in guangzhou, there are a lot of OEM cosmetics OEM generation of processing, if we want to know the product quality is good, OEM cosmetics OEM should know what their management is first. should manage from which aspect?

software is not soft, management first

one of OEM business, the optimal choice of course should be a perfect enterprise management, enterprise's management ability is stronger, the higher the efficiency, the faster the reaction, the more able to timely response to rapidly changing complex market environment, a qualified OEM enterprises, on the management ability, at least you should be able to satisfy the following basic requirements:

staff management: production staff must have good personal hygiene and health, including: change shoes, change clothes, hand washing, disinfection, wearing surgical masks and hair net, and have health CARDS. Factory needs for all personnel must carry on the skills training, carries on the inspection and assessment, to ensure that employees have the ability be competent the post request.

production management: output from the input of raw materials, packaging material to the finished product, every stage of all manufacturing and packaging, measures should be taken to ensure that products comply with its features; All manufacturing process should be according to the needs of production documents, process and need to confirm and process control, to form the corresponding production records.

the deviation in the process of production and is unqualified, should also be able to do the following: control the production process should be performed by authorized personnel for rejected items, including raw materials and packaging before entering the warehouse checking; The rework material, semi-finished products and finished products to implement control, and has authorized personnel check to verify its compliance. Nonconforming product should have a separate area to store, and there is a clear distinction between labels, logos and other materials.

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