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Cosmetics processing need how many money?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-28

many cosmetics processing customers, all like to ask the question, 'how much cosmetics processing? 'Want to do the best product with the cheapest price, but his don't understand the market, while always ask, but always can't find want to answer, the following were decided by small make up to tell you exactly how to price!

if you want to do cosmetic treatment, the first thing you need to have probably put in the budget, clear market positioning, only good determine exactly what's the grade of products, can choose according to market positioning within the material and packaging material.

actually cosmetics processing is no clear pricing, it is a variable, basic valuation formula is: OEM cosmetics processing within the price = + packaging + minimum quantity. When positioning is clear, can choose the appropriate materials and packaging materials, at this time, affect the price of only the minimum quantity, minimum quantity, the more the individual is, the less the processing cost.

cosmetics processing price is important, but choose the qualified manufacturer is more important, quality assurance, can let you more comfortable. If you are looking for cosmetics and processing and doubt, can contact us directly cosmetics processing professional customer service phone give you a more detailed answer.

the main production products: face film, clean face, essence, lotion, cream, essential oil, prevent bask in, intimate, slimming abundance, laundry condensate beads of OEM skin care products.

product information service: OEM cosmetics, OEM skin care products ODM and OEM, mask OEM processing, OEM suit that protect skin, such as

the main customer base: cosmetic stores, brands, cosmetics dealers, agents, wechat business, etc.

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